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I am a mommy to my gorgeous adopted daughter Isabella; and I am a recent widow - I lost my soul mate on 25 November 2014 very suddenly.  Most of the pieces you will see, going forward, will be layouts pertaining to him as I work on putting together his story for our daughter to treasure one day.

I was introduced to Scrapbooking by a very good friend, in 200/78.  I fell in love in an instant with the art - in fact, in the middle of the class, when everyone was quietly working away, I practically yelled "I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING"!

Before my daughter was born, I would scrap mostly albums of trips that we did.  To be honest, I could never quite get my head around single page LO's that I saw so often.

However, the more I scrapped and frequented conventions and workshops, the more I got to appreciate the art and the amount of work, thought and time that goes into a single LO.

I don't think that I have developed my own unique style as yet; in fact, I know that I still have SO much growing to do.  When I started off, my style was very neat, crisp and concise; very balanced (I am a Virgo, hence my need for balance!) and I didn't make use of many techniques or embellishments.

Again, as time wore on, I found myself falling more and more in love with flowers and good quality embellishments - particularly resin.  I also have a fondness for ribbon and I LOVE fussy cutting.

I've recently discovered the joys of scrapping onto canvas and I must admit, I find this absolutely glorious - you can just go WILD with 3D'ing your LO without having to worry about anything being squashed in an album! 

So that's my scrapping history in a nutshell.  I can honestly say that it is my passion.  At last, at age 37, I have found my true passion (aside from my family).

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