8 Apr 2016

Smarty Pants

Hey there!
So the latest challenge is open over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration.  The scheme this week is fabulous - bright, girly and "easy"!  And as you can see, it also includes another stunner of a sketch from gorgeous Em.  So why don't you head on over into your craft room and join us this week? 
Here is how I solved this case:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : woodgrain (stamp), flowers, architectural element
Testimony : tell a humorous story
I usually use my Facebook status updates as a way of documenting the funny little things that you say.  Now I am using the opportunity to SCRAP those funny sayings, along with the funniest pics of you!
"Mommy. Do you know why it's called shampoo?"
"No my baby, why?"
"Wee-eelll... when you get near the end of the bottle is makes prrrpt prrrpt (insert several spit flying fart raspberry sounds)... Soooo-ooooooo at the end it's SHAM with POO noises"
"Mom. Here's a deal...... And I can't believe I'm saying this..... You are going to sleep all around the bed when I'm not here"
"Mommy, is the chocolate spread I have at Aftercare called Donatella?"
*Mommy looks away trying to hide her smile, but is SCREAMING with laughter inside*
"Yes, my Bluebird"
"I know you don't like it so I'm sorry that I ate Donatella today"
"Mom. I love you until a thousand fireflies begin"
Mommy, did you like the picture I drawed yesterday?
Yes, my Bluebird. I love it.
Do you like it just the way it is?
Yes, I really do.
But don't you think it needs more detail?...
I walk into my bathroom and notice that my liquid handsoap is empty, where it was at least two thirds full last night; the pump action lid to one side. I pick it up and show it to Bluebird... "What happened here, Isabella?" She looks up. She looks down. She looks left. She looks right. She adopts puppy dog eyes. She plops her hands on her forehead; brushes her fingers up into her hair and says... "It would be too hard for me to explain, mommy"
After much babbling and babbling, I ask “Isabella!  Do you have verbal diarrhoea?”
“No mommy! I do NOT have purple diarrhoea!!”
Shops are filled with Easter images and eggs – you notice this and say “Look mommy, they are preparing for Easter”.  “That’s correct my Blue.  And what does the Easter bunny bring you”.  “Chocolates, mommy!”. “Oh NO!  I think the Easter bunny should bring you carrots and broccoli this year”. “NO mommy!  It is the EASTER bunny!  Not the VEGETABLE bunny!!
After looking for me in the house, she finds me in my craft room, "Mommy, are you scrappeling again?"
"Mommy, when someone calls you by another name, is that called your Niknak name?"  (Niknaks are a type of very cheesy maize chip that kids here in South Africa just LOVE!)
Age 3 - "Mommy, I drushie my teef wiff poop paste"
"Mommy, why is do you have a light wighter?"  (white lighter)
"Mommy, a rugby scrum is where they all cuddle to make a plan"
"MOMMY!  This banana bread you baked is FAR OUT!!"
And here are some close up shots of this piece.


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