2 Apr 2016

Hello Life

Hey there!
Number one of three posts today.
First off is the latest challenge over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration - Case number 196.
Isn't it lovely??  I must say that I think all scrappers have that one colour that they are not fond of - I know that for many it's purple... for me it's orange!  BUT I didn't struggle in the slightest with this one - in fact, I LOVED it!  Here is how I solved this case:
Scheme : all there
Evidence : eyeglasses, buttons (stamp), camera's, solid brads and circles
Testimony : prompt from Bzoink - are you happy with the life you have?
Despite being handed some severe blows in my life, I strive to look on the bright side.  It's not an easy feat, but I do eventually get 'round to doing it.
The life I have right now, I love.  I love it.  I love where life has brought me too. I love how I have managed to weather my storms.  I love who life has brought into my world; so unexpectedly.  I love the brand new love that surrounds me now.  I never, ever imagined being this happy again.  But here I am.  Happy as Larry!
And here are some closeups:

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  1. Love the paper....and the page too! I am a little hesitant to explore CSI - I think it is out of my comfort zone!

    I seriously need someone to kick me into my scrap room! Started my new job, have plenty of time in the afternoon and what am I doing.....nothing!!!