11 Mar 2016

The Gnome | CSI Case 194

Another case is ready for investigation over at CSI Color Stories Inspiration!  Go take a look - the list of sponsors and prizes is pretty amazing! 
AAAAANNDDD CSI are also having a DT call!  You'll find a link to this in the challenge post above.
So.... are you ready?  Here it is:
As you can see, there is also a sketch by lovely, lovely Em.
This is how I solved the case; I flipped and then mirrored the sketch.

Everyone calls my daddy "The Gnome" because he's a little shortie; Isabella calls him Uppie Gnome.  It's precious. It really, really is.
Scheme : all there
Evidence : hexagons, stripes, animals
Testimony : I chose to do an acrostic poem
Undoubtedly one of the shortest Uppie's around
Probably the cheekiest too; and
Probably even the most gullible!
Indefinitely the one with the littlest heart to match his height; and
Even though he "complains" about being teased when he sleeps -
Granted, he secretly loves it!
Never a dull moment when he's around
Obviously we adore him to pieces
Moments to cherish with him, abound; and we are
Eternally grateful for our Uppie and Daddy!
Here are some close up shots of the piece.  The 'stripes' from evidence were done with a stencil and texture paste.

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  1. A precious layout of a precious relationship between your little Blue Bird and her Uppie.