4 Mar 2016

Friends of the Earth

Good morning from a misty Saturday morning in Cape Town!
The latest case file is open for investigation over at CSI: Color Stories Inspiration:
I went with a totally different theme than usual (i.e. not my daughter or my life story!); so this is how I solved the case:

Scheme : All there
Evidence : checkers, string, bird, frames, flowers/leaves
Testimony : I used the IW's view, fly
Nothing brings me more pleasure than when I am able to bring both birds and butterflies into my garden.
I have two different sized bird feeders - and this "nectar bottle" hanging up in the same tree.  My morning ritual of tea on my stoep has full view of these three and I absolutely DELIGHT in watching a variety of birds fly in and out.
Isabella loves it too and we sit quietly watching them; the male Sugarbird who visits is quite entertaining and his cheeky attitude makes Isabella have one of those hearty chuckles from the pit of her belly.  He drinks from the nectar bottle and when another bird tries to get in, he flies around chasing them away constantly.
The bird in this image is one of my favourites - ever since I was a child.  In Afrikaans, it's called a 'wit-ogie', which directly translated is little white eye. They are TINY and just so absolutely gorgeous.
I love that my home is seen as a 'restaurant' for these precious guys; each week brings more birds and it is just such a joy to me.
Here are some close up shots:

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