3 Mar 2016

Beach Memories - Canvas for Fabscraps

I am churning my work out at a rate of knots these days.  As much as I'm relishing in having an overflow of mojo, I'm a little embarrassed at the fact that my housework has taken a very, very sad back seat.
Anyway.  I'm not expecting any visitors anytime soon, so I can let it slide for a while...
Today I want to share a canvas (12x12 inch) that I made using the Fabscraps C82 Beach range.  I started this one off as just a single page LO, but started to love it so much that I ended up turning it into a canvas before things got out of hand and I would not be in a position to put it onto canvas... if you know what I mean.
So.  Here is what I worked on for much of yesterday afternoon and finished off this afternoon.

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