29 Mar 2016

A new project - for ME!

Hi there, my fellow artists
I'm not sharing a project today - instead, I'm going to share with you a new project I'm going to embark on. 
I saw this project on Finnabair's FB page and then I popped on to her blog page to investigate some more.
I still have two dolls that I played with as a child; one is much older than I am and the other was one of my absolute favourites.  The older one stands about 30cm tall and the second is about 45cm tall.  I'm excited like CRAZY to alter these dolls in a similar manner to how Finnabair did hers.
The bulk of the scrapping work that I do - although, essentially for myself - is for the Design Teams I'm on and I thought that it was high time I did something that is Just Mine.
I am EXCITED about this project!  I will work on them for a long time, I'm sure, and I will chart my progress right here on this blog.
Thank you Finnabair for inspiring me - yet again!

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