29 Mar 2016

A new project - for ME!

Hi there, my fellow artists
I'm not sharing a project today - instead, I'm going to share with you a new project I'm going to embark on. 
I saw this project on Finnabair's FB page and then I popped on to her blog page to investigate some more.
I still have two dolls that I played with as a child; one is much older than I am and the other was one of my absolute favourites.  The older one stands about 30cm tall and the second is about 45cm tall.  I'm excited like CRAZY to alter these dolls in a similar manner to how Finnabair did hers.
The bulk of the scrapping work that I do - although, essentially for myself - is for the Design Teams I'm on and I thought that it was high time I did something that is Just Mine.
I am EXCITED about this project!  I will work on them for a long time, I'm sure, and I will chart my progress right here on this blog.
Thank you Finnabair for inspiring me - yet again!

25 Mar 2016

Right Now

Good morning!
Today I am sharing how I solved Case 195 over at Color Stories Inspiration.  It's an absolute GLORIOUS colour palette - it was love at first sight for me!
Here is the piece I worked on:
Scheme : all there
Evidence : stripes, hearts, flowers, clouds, fabric and ink splats
Testimony : IW's childhood and friendship
Quite often, as of late especially, I have thought how much easier life is as a child; and how very much, if only for a day, I could live as a child does - free of any adult responsibility.
However, I realise that actually, childhood is NOT easy.  Children still have so much to learn; so many lessons that bring heartbreak.
One of your friendships built over last year is crumbling now that you have both moved to a new school together and it breaks my heart when you tell me that your little friend doesn't want to play with you anymore.  It's very, very hard for mommy to see you go through this; but it's actually a rite of passage.  A normal thing that happens.  Not a nice lesson for you to learn.
I take great, great comfort in the fact that you are such a social little butterfly and that you do tend to make friends so easily. That is the upside of this.
The downside?  Your little heart is so tiny and you are very sensitive, so it's so hard for you to understand that your best friend doesn't always want to play with you.
I'm sorry my baby girl.  But right now you are the very best at making new friends - you are SO good at it and I want you to embrace that my sweetheart.
And here are some close up shots.


17 Mar 2016

Forever Friends | Single Page LO for Fabscraps

This will be my last "big" project using Fabscraps C83 Kaleidoscope range.  I will now backtrack through their latest ranges that I have (C81, C82 and C83) and create some smaller projects between all my other Design Team commitments.
I kept this one a bit more on the simpler side, compared with all the work I have done for them in the past month or so. 
It's a single page LO and the only "mixed media" aspect is my use of heavy white gesso on the background strips and also a few mist splats at the bottom. 
I also wanted to stick to the more subdued, pastel side of this range.  Here is what I worked on.

Card for Feeling Sketchy

My second share of the day is for the latest sketch on the challenge site Feeling Sketchy.
I decided from the get go that I was going to make something completely different; particularly in terms of colour scheme.  So this is what I did with this fortnightly challenge:

16 Mar 2016

Free to be me

Hey there,
Let's Scrap have a lovely new sketch challenge up for the next few weeks; you know how it works - you have two weeks to take part, so what are you waiting for?
Here is my take on the sketch: