14 Feb 2016

Grade R

Hello my dear readers!
I hope that all of you had a lovely Valentine's weekend!  Ours was absolutely sublime!
I want to share with you now, the latest challenge at CSI.
It's absolutely beautiful.  And as you can plainly see, it includes a sketch to follow, done by the absolutely GORGEOUS Em!!
Here is how I solved the case for this challenge:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : stars, triangles, hearts, wood
Testimony : IW - love and surprise
2016.  The year you started Grade R at a brand new school.  The school that will become your "second home" for the next 8 years.
I anticipated that you'd show signs of separation anxiety, being that we'd just spent 4 weeks together - just us - while schools were on their Dec/Jan break.
However, you totally surprised me and your 'bravery' blew me away. 
You woke up excited to start at your new school; excited about a new playground, a new teacher, making new friends and seeing your best friend (who thankfully, is also in your class).
There were absolutely no tears in sight and you flitted from one play area to the next. Your energy and high spirit was totally intoxicating and I absolutely loved watching your joy.
I'm excited for you, my little Bluebird.  I'm excited about this new journey; new beginning.  I'm excited about the energy that comes off you in waves. 
You are an incredible little human being.  You make your mommy SO VERY, VERY PROUD!
Here are some close up shots of this piece:

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  1. OOOOH! This is soooo pretty - love the lollipop flowers & those touches of gold take my breath away... Fab journaling too. Thanks for your comment on over at mine. I used to see you round when I had time over at CSI.... Might have to bloglovin' you so I can pop in when I get a chance. Always loved your scrappy style!!!!