7 Feb 2016

Eternally Grateful

Hey there fellow artists and readers alike,
2016, so far, on the scrapping front, has been great for me; all the projects that I have completed for the Design Teams I've been on - I've loved.  It seems that the long sabbatical I had from my craft at the end of last year did me the world of good and my mojo and inspiration is back in full swing!
Before I share my take on the latest challenge at Color Stories Inspiration, I want to share with you, details on how easy it is to take part in this incredible challenge site; as well as how I, personally, tackle each challenge.  Taking part in this is really as easy as it is to take part in a challenge that presents you with a sketch (which, actually, CSI does too, once a month!).
Though you have to work within what is presented to you, you are not as restricted as you might think.  Also, it's a CHALLENGE site anyway - and it allows you to move away from  your comfort zone in terms of what you always use as embellishments and also, importantly - what colours you always tend to lean towards.  The other GREAT part - you have to journal.  I used to struggle in the past, but your options on this challenge site are HUGE and allow you to think outside the box.
1.  Personally, what I like to do first off is go through the 'Testimony' section and find inspiration there on what my theme and my journaling will be.
2. Then I have a look at the evidence - you have to choose at least three items on this list to include in your LO
3.  Use all five colours in the scheme (only these colours - though you can add black, white and 'craft', but keep the additional colours limited).  For this step, I dig into my paper stash and pull out all the colours.  If I see, as is in this case, that I need to incorporate stripes, nautical elements, stars, hearts - I tend to look for paper that would also contain these elements
4.  I print up my photograph(s) and start thinking about my journaling - always before I have even started on the design of my LO
5. Then I go through my embellishment stash and pull out more options from the "evidence" that I have to provide
6. Once I have all my "ammo" for this case, I can begin
And so this is what I created for this challenge, based on the Case File and also what I gathered together per my 6 points above:

Scheme : I've used all the colours
Evidence : stripes, hearts, stars, swirls, wood
Testimony : I used one of the prompt ideas, namely "the case of the secret ingredient"
My journaling is behind the photograph, on the grey striped paper.
Many people have said to me, following my husband's death, "I don't know how you do it".  So I'm going to give you my own personal list of ingredients that make up my survival guide for this tragedy.
Love.  Ensure that you are surrounded by love and that you give it out too.  In my case, my child and the love that we share, was - and continues to be - my saving grace.
Gratefulness.  Not an easy one, being that you are so devastated.  But be grateful every day for what you do still have.  Be grateful for the presence of others.  Be grateful that you get to wake up each day.  Be grateful for your own personal growth.
Channels.  Find yourself a way to channel, and thereby manage, your grief.  Mine has been scrapbooking and yoga.
Knowing.  I know what my late husband would have wanted for us.  I know that he would never have wanted me to be sad for very long.  I know that he wants me to embrace life and JUST LIVE.
Awareness.  I've always been aware of so much more around me; a sixth sense, if you will.  I know what I need to do.  I know what still has to come.  I breathe and I live in each moment with the strength I have gained through this experience.
Finally, it must be said that this journey is far from over and I'm sure that as time wears on, my ingredient list will grow.  I know that I still have much to overcome and many more obstacles will knock me off my feet - temporarily!
The thing is.  What doesn't kill you DOES make you stronger.  And me, I'm gradually becoming a little warrior.
Here are some close up shots of my page.  It has to be said that this is one of my favourite pieces ever.  I know that sounds vain and facetious, but I do love this very much.

Thanks very much for stopping by.
We at Color Stories Inspiration would absolutely LOVE you to challenge yourself a little further outside of your comfort zone to help us crack this case!!!

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  1. GREAT list..... GORG lo- especially how you've done the title.... Drooling! And ADORE the hearts scattered round, too. I can see why this is a fave:)!!