27 Feb 2016

Moments With You

Hey there,
Today I'm sharing my single page LO for CSI's latest case - number 192.  It's a really lovely, earthy palette; I thoroughly enjoyed working with.
I've said it before and I'll probably say it over and over again.. it really is such a thrill and pleasure and joy and privilege for me to be on any design team where my work is showcased amongst SO much talent.
Here is the case you need to solve:
And here is how I solved this case:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : newspaper/text pattern, heart, distressing, metal
Testimony : prompt idea - 'what daily event transforms your world?'
Though what I'm about to write about may not be deemed as an 'event' per se, parts of it are huge milestones in my daughters' life and they affect me directly, so I like to see them as events.
Every day, every new moment, every new word, every new memory, every new growth spurt / phase - all of these with my precious child, changes my world somehow.  In so many ways.
Many people have said to me that I should not wish her dependency on me away; that I will miss the fact that she relies on me to do everything.
While I do think that there is some truth in this, I've turned those thoughts around onto it's head; because now, seeing my child grow, gain independence and start to come into her own - DAILY - is something that I'm incredibly excited about and in total awe of.
Every day, she discovers a little more about herself and her own capabilities and with those, her confidence is boosted - it's very, very exciting to witness and be a part of - and I make sure that I praise her to pieces; and of course, I voice my fierce pride in her.
Watching a child grow - physically and mentally - is such a blessing.
Here are some close up shots:


25 Feb 2016

Family Memories | Fabscraps C84 Mixed Media Scrapbook Page

Hello my Scrappy Friends!
Today I'm sharing with you a mixed media scrapbook page for Fabscraps, again using the C84 Vintage Elegance range. 
I realised with a jolt in the early hours of this morning that my term serving on the Fabscraps DT ends at the end of March and I still have two full kits to get through!  So, even though I have reapplied for another term, that is not guaranteed, so I decided that I better move my butt and delve into my other kits!
Having said that, I do still have a few projects in mind for the remainder of my C84 Vintage Elegance kit!!
The little girl in the photograph is my aunt.  My other mother.  She's funny, feisty and has the smallest heart imaginable.  I'm not really sure how she feels about me using this precious photograph of her ... but I am nonetheless!!
Here is my page:

And then here are some close ups.  I had so much fun putting this together. It actually turned totally opposite to what I had originally had in my mind!!!!  I quite like it nonetheless!!

23 Feb 2016

Shadowbox for Fabscraps - Days Gone By

I can honestly say that never before have I been so inspired by a SINGLE range of papers!  The Fabscraps C84 Vintage range is absolutely sublime!  I have a host of ideas still left for the kit that I received a few weeks back.  There is NO stopping me!!!!!
Today I'm going to share the shadowbox I've been working on.  This will be the last OTP type project for this range (just don't quote me on that, okay?); the rest will be more scrapbook and card making based.
I "inherited" my late grandfathers' ancient tin of old photographs and decided to select my favourites for this piece.  Most of the pics are of my grandmother; the one in the bottom left is of my late grandfather. 
See, this is what I love so much about this art form; pics that were stashed away in a rusty old tin for decades, are now displayed for all to see!  In this digital era of ours where images are mainly stored on a PC or on some form of social media, I'm so proud to be able to not only showcase these gorgeous images IN FULL SIGHT; but also document all memories that I  personally make with my daughter in the form of story books (also, more poignantly, I get to redo and relive all those moments spent with my late husband; and seeing as how my daughter was SO young when he so suddenly passed away, I get to create a multitude of albums and LO's for her to reminisce on one day!). 
One day, I look forward to sitting down with her and poring over pictures, reliving our memories.
ANYWAY.  Enough waffling!!  On to my shadowbox!!!

And here are some close up shots of this.  I've had this shadow box for YEARS and I'm really so glad that I saved it "for a rainy day"!!  I'm very, very proud to share this with you!!!