25 Jan 2016

Just Ecstatic

Today I'm sharing my take on challenge 189 over at Color Stories Inspiration.
I'll be honest, I struggled with this one quite a bit.  But only because it appears as if the unintentional sabbatical I took has caused my mojo to be on holiday too and I'm waiting for its return!  Anyway, here is how I solved the case.

Scheme : All there
Evidence : gingham, circles, wispy leaves, cursive font, splatters
Testimony : IW - season, prepare
With the start of the very, very long December school holidays and the fact that our summer season has been particularly HOT this year, I wanted to be prepared for heaps of swimming; so I signed  you up to re-start your swimming lessons.
However, you surprised me a million times over when you up and decided that you no longer wanted to swim with your pool noodle, and subsequently threw it out of the pool.
From that day onward, I lay next to the pool and watch how your confidence in the water grew with every session in the pool.  Soon you were swimming deep under water, jumping (canon ball!!) off the edge of the rocks and eventually attempting a handstand. Best of all was when you took it upon yourself to jump from the highest point - the waterfall - straight into the pool.  Something I would never, ever try myself.  Everyone watching you did it absolutely beamed with pride - but not nearly as much as I!
I'm so proud of you, baby girl.  You have done so incredibly well - especially because it was your very own decision to start swimming all by yourself, without any further swimming lessons required.  You are an amazing child!  Just simply AMAZING!  And I am so ecstatic that you have achieved this - and that I get to be your mommy.
Here are some close ups of this piece.

18 Jan 2016

Baby Girl - Card

And here's my second post of the day.  Another lovely card sketch challenge over at Feeling Sketchy.
I decided to do a baby girl card; here's what I did.


Best Friends Laugh Often

Hello fellow artists!
It's been two months since my last post and just over a month since I have ventured into my studio to do what feeds my soul - SCRAP!  I'm embarrassed to say the least, that I have fallen so behind on all of my DT duties - but it could not be helped.  My child has been on holiday for a little over a month and in a bid to keep us both sane, I had plans for practically every day of the holiday!  Hence my absence...
So.  Today I am sharing my very first project for this year - the lovely sketch challenge over at Let's Scrap!
I'll be honest, this took me a few tries to complete; not because I struggled with the sketch, but because I "forgot" how to scrap!  My mojo seems to have been on holiday too!  Nonetheless, I finally completed the LO and here is what I did.