18 Nov 2015


My final (long overdue) post for today is my take on the Case File 182 at Color Stories Inspiration.  I fell head over heels in love with this colour palette the moment I saw it and I knew that I wanted to create something dreamy, floaty and feminine.
And so, to solve the case, this is what I came up with.

Scheme : all there
Evidence : large polka dots, leaves, vines, white background
Testimony : IW, sweet
At one of our many trips to Butterfly World (!!), you were completely entranced by the tiny baby goldfish in this little pond.  You desperately wanted to reach out and touch them, but I would not have it - there were minute and delicate.  All you kept on saying was "Mommy!  Aren't they SWEET?  Oh Mommy, they are SO SWEET."  You were stuck here at this very pond for ages as you watched the little things flit around.  There were hundreds of them and it was amazing to watch such tiny creatures surviving, thriving, living, breathing.  We were both equally amazed and watched them in silent awe for a while.
Here are some close ups!

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