5 Oct 2015


I'm so behind on my posts - today you will get three.
First up is the latest challenge at Color Stories Inspiration.
And here's how I solved it:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : film strips, metal, arrows
Testimony : 100 random questions : how many tattoo's do you have
Having always wanted a tattoo, this year I went all out and now I have 14.  I believe that tattoo's are a lifetime commitment, so they need to have some significance.  All of mine do.  The four pictured here are amongst the most significant to me.
I survived = semi colon: there is a worldwide trend surrounding the semi-colon tattoo.  It supports those who have survived suicide attempts, depression, etc and it's symbol means that your sentence is not over.  On some days I feel strongly that I have not survived, not really.  But my sentence is not over.  My story is not finished.
My she wolf represents a new man in my life who has changed me so much in so many ways.
My Lotus: they grow through mud and gunk to rise as one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen.  I hope that my life can be like this too, in time.

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