24 Oct 2015


Hello fellow ARTISTS.
Today I am sharing my take on the latest challenge at Color Stories Inspiration.  I will be honest, this palette is one I struggled with, primarily because it was right out of my usual colour choice comfort zone.  But having said that, I'm happy with what I pulled off and how I solved the case.
Here is what I did with the case.

Scheme : all there
Evidence : book pages, decorative border, scallops, watercolour
Testimony : Carry on Tuesday prompt - don't walk behind me I may not lead, don't walk in front of me, I may not follow, just walk beside me and be my friend
Meet Sharon.  One of the most amazing and inspiring and beautiful women I have ever met.  Though she lives hundreds of kilometres from me, I have no doubt that she is always with me.  She's helped me through some rough times - with a telephone call, a kind comment and purely with the knowledge that she is THERE.  She tells me like it is, knowing full well that I don't appreciate sugar coating.  She berates me when I need it most.  She loves me when I need it most.  I don't often call people "friend" because I deem the word itself to be very sacred.  Anyone can be a friend.  But Sharon, she is the epitome of the true meaning of friend.  What a privilege and a blessing it is to me that I can call her just that - my friend.
Here are some close up shots of my piece.  Thanks for looking.

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  1. This is beautiful and your pages are changing and evolving just as you are now and it is so interesting to watch it all unfold. Like a caterpillar shedding its skin and becoming a butterfly... :D
    I love your layout and the background is lovely. Clean and simple but with texture and colour. You are indeed blessed to have a friend like Sharon... there are not many of us that you. Worth hanging on to I reckon <3