13 Sep 2015

My Amazing Daughter

This has been a crazy week and a jam-packed weekend.  I attended the South African Scrapbook Convention this weekend and it was absolutely wonderful!  Jo-burgers, you're in for a treat.  The sessions this year were a lot more relaxing than past ones and we were all able to keep up.  I managed to finish each of the projects (first time ever), with just one that I need to add my own final touches to.
RIGHT.  So onto my take on the latest Case File over at Color Stories Inspiration!
I loved this palette so much!  Here is what I did with this case:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : hearts, mixed media background, ovals, pen work
Testimony : IW - dance, sing
My sweet child.  Daddy and I both were on the same page when it came to extra mural activities for you: just because we did something, didn't mean that we would force you to do the same.  So when Ballet was offered at your school, I grew very excited when you said you wanted to take part.  You use every opportunity you can to dance - and sing, I might add!  Going so far as to say that one day when  you are big, you want to be an Actor-Singer.  As shy as you are at best, you are also such a little performer  You love music, you love to dance and I love how quickly you catch on to lyrics, singing at the top of your lungs - to a DVD or to the music in my car.  One of my favourite things is to watch you - unseen - while you copy dance moves in one of your movies.  I'm absolutely in awe of how quickly you pick things up after watching it once, twice.  You are truly - my amazing daughter!
Here are some close ups of my LO.

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