25 Sep 2015

Hello New Me

Hi everyone,
Today I'm sharing the latest challenge at CSI.  At first I thought I'd struggle with the colours - but I actually quite enjoyed working outside my usual comfort zone colour palette!
Here is what I rustled up this week.

Scheme : all there
Evidence : polka dots, text print, wet medium, swirls
Testimony : Daydreaming on Paper prompt - Do you like your hair?
Back in high school I was relatively experimental with my hair - always colouring and perming it.  I ended up ruining it completely!  At age 19, I had very long auburn braids put in and loved having them in - it was so beautiful.  Sadly, they only lasted a month.  When they came out, I had to cut my hair really short into an asymmetrical bob, as my hair was completely ruined and broken.  I grew it out and from then on, didn't apply anything - just kept it natural for almost two decades.
Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted something new, so I decided to go rainbow colourful.  I am completely in love with the result!  Every time I have the colour reapplied it looks totally different to the last time.  Right now, it's just a deep rich purple and royal blue.  I love it!  I really do!
Here are some close up shots:

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