25 Sep 2015

Hello New Me

Hi everyone,
Today I'm sharing the latest challenge at CSI.  At first I thought I'd struggle with the colours - but I actually quite enjoyed working outside my usual comfort zone colour palette!
Here is what I rustled up this week.

Scheme : all there
Evidence : polka dots, text print, wet medium, swirls
Testimony : Daydreaming on Paper prompt - Do you like your hair?
Back in high school I was relatively experimental with my hair - always colouring and perming it.  I ended up ruining it completely!  At age 19, I had very long auburn braids put in and loved having them in - it was so beautiful.  Sadly, they only lasted a month.  When they came out, I had to cut my hair really short into an asymmetrical bob, as my hair was completely ruined and broken.  I grew it out and from then on, didn't apply anything - just kept it natural for almost two decades.
Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted something new, so I decided to go rainbow colourful.  I am completely in love with the result!  Every time I have the colour reapplied it looks totally different to the last time.  Right now, it's just a deep rich purple and royal blue.  I love it!  I really do!
Here are some close up shots:

13 Sep 2015

My Amazing Daughter

This has been a crazy week and a jam-packed weekend.  I attended the South African Scrapbook Convention this weekend and it was absolutely wonderful!  Jo-burgers, you're in for a treat.  The sessions this year were a lot more relaxing than past ones and we were all able to keep up.  I managed to finish each of the projects (first time ever), with just one that I need to add my own final touches to.
RIGHT.  So onto my take on the latest Case File over at Color Stories Inspiration!
I loved this palette so much!  Here is what I did with this case:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : hearts, mixed media background, ovals, pen work
Testimony : IW - dance, sing
My sweet child.  Daddy and I both were on the same page when it came to extra mural activities for you: just because we did something, didn't mean that we would force you to do the same.  So when Ballet was offered at your school, I grew very excited when you said you wanted to take part.  You use every opportunity you can to dance - and sing, I might add!  Going so far as to say that one day when  you are big, you want to be an Actor-Singer.  As shy as you are at best, you are also such a little performer  You love music, you love to dance and I love how quickly you catch on to lyrics, singing at the top of your lungs - to a DVD or to the music in my car.  One of my favourite things is to watch you - unseen - while you copy dance moves in one of your movies.  I'm absolutely in awe of how quickly you pick things up after watching it once, twice.  You are truly - my amazing daughter!
Here are some close ups of my LO.

5 Sep 2015

Soul Food

Today I'm sharing my take on Color Stories Inspiration Case 175.  It's a gorgeous one and I must say that the DT did an absolutely amazing job with their takes on this case!  It's an absolute feast for the eyes - go check it out!  There is also a stunner of a sketch by the incredibly talented Em.
Here is how I solved this case:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : polka dots, grid, flowers, leaves/stems
Testimony : Prompt Idea - My three favourite quotes
Though these may not be deemed to be "quotes" per se, these three sayings mean a lot to me - I have them printed up and framed in my home as a daily reminder that although life can knock you down to the ground, there is always something to be thankful for and there is always some way where you could inspire someone else or simply just BE there for someone else.  Being there for someone in their own times of trouble - especially on a level you can relate to - is a priceless gift.
Some close ups of my piece.

1 Sep 2015

Love Today

Greetings all!
Today I'm very excited, elated, happy and stoked to announce that I am fortunate enough to remain on the Let's Scrap Design Team for another term!  I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity extended to me!
Here is the latest sketch and I must say that I loved it the instant I saw it.
And here is the LO I did based on the sketch

I thought that, with all the options for adding photographs, it would be a great way to showcase some of the photographs taken at Isabella's birthday party.  I love love love this challenge!
Here are some close ups.