12 Aug 2015

Unbelievable Adventure

I've been away for a few days so this post is a little late!
Come take a look at the lovely challenge over at CSI!  As you can see, it includes a sketch by the gorgeously delightful Em!
Here is how I solved this case:
Scheme : all there
Evidence : wet medium, string & twine, leaves, mesh, metal
Testimony : August Question - What did you let go of?
When I lost my husband I had to let go of so many things.  I still continue to strive to let go of aspects holding me back today.  I let go of the fairytale; losing a fairytale changes ones perspective on life.  I let go of co-dependency and in my own right I became more fiercely independent than I ever was before.  Now, I want to strive to let go of procrastination and over analysing every single scenario that is self inflicted.  Easier said than done, but something I feel I need to do so that I am no longer finding myself being stuck inside my own head; observing my heart and my brain fight it out.  I need to let go of unnecessary worries.  I need to learn to breathe and just BE.  I need to find the space and the ability to just do that.  It's a constant battle, but one that I am confident I will conquer.
Here are some close up shots of my work.

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  1. Wow!! So pretty and eye catching!!

  2. So awesome! And you are so strong. Keep going and good luck!