31 Aug 2015


Color Stories Inspiration Case 174 is open for investigation and it's so very lovely.  It's another case where I've had to break away from my comfort zone, but that is just one of the many reasons why I love this challenge site.
Head on into your studio, sift through your stash and play along with us!
Here is how I solved the case:
Scheme : all there
Evidence : tape measure, metal, stitching, mesh, leather
Testimony : Carry On Tuesday Prompt - Everyone is born with some special talent
My sweet Bluebird.  How exciting it is that you have yet to find your sole special talent is!  That one thing that will inspire you daily and feed your precious soul!  Right now, you are blessed with many talents: drawing, colouring, your use of large words in context, dancing, twirling, making friends.  But the best one of all is your talent for lighting up a room - and lighting up mommy's life.  While that may not be classified as a "talent" per se, it certainly is one as far as I am concerned!
Here are some close ups.  I LOVED this challenge!!

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  1. Beautiful!! LOVE the green with the brown!!