31 Aug 2015


Color Stories Inspiration Case 174 is open for investigation and it's so very lovely.  It's another case where I've had to break away from my comfort zone, but that is just one of the many reasons why I love this challenge site.
Head on into your studio, sift through your stash and play along with us!
Here is how I solved the case:
Scheme : all there
Evidence : tape measure, metal, stitching, mesh, leather
Testimony : Carry On Tuesday Prompt - Everyone is born with some special talent
My sweet Bluebird.  How exciting it is that you have yet to find your sole special talent is!  That one thing that will inspire you daily and feed your precious soul!  Right now, you are blessed with many talents: drawing, colouring, your use of large words in context, dancing, twirling, making friends.  But the best one of all is your talent for lighting up a room - and lighting up mommy's life.  While that may not be classified as a "talent" per se, it certainly is one as far as I am concerned!
Here are some close ups.  I LOVED this challenge!!

15 Aug 2015

Lucky Life

And my second post - my take on the latest sketch at Let's Scrap.  I love these challenges because they incorporate so many photographs.
Here is the LO I made for this challenge.

I love this series of photo's of Isabella.  This is kind of a follow on from my last take on a Let's Scrap Challenge.
Here are some close ups of my piece.


Today I'm sharing my take on two separate challenges.  The first is Challenge 173 over at Color Stories Inspiration.  It's a gorgeous challenge and I really enjoyed solving the case.  Please come play along with us!
Here is how I solved this case.

Scheme : all there
Evidence : checks, slant something, distressing
Testimony : I used the FMS prompt "Orange"
I've done many things to help keep Travers' memory alive and things as a form of "devotion".  I keep a blog to document my journey.  I've had several tattoo's done, significant to him.  And I have put some personalised plates on my gorgeous orange Ecosport (though, oddly, the colour is called Mars Red!!??).  I went with BEARY69 because I always, always called him Beary and 69 was the year that he was born.  I love my plates.  The day they were finally installed for me was an unexpectedly intensely emotional one because I was carrying and sharing something so deeply personal, publicly.
Here are some close up shots.

12 Aug 2015

Unbelievable Adventure

I've been away for a few days so this post is a little late!
Come take a look at the lovely challenge over at CSI!  As you can see, it includes a sketch by the gorgeously delightful Em!
Here is how I solved this case:
Scheme : all there
Evidence : wet medium, string & twine, leaves, mesh, metal
Testimony : August Question - What did you let go of?
When I lost my husband I had to let go of so many things.  I still continue to strive to let go of aspects holding me back today.  I let go of the fairytale; losing a fairytale changes ones perspective on life.  I let go of co-dependency and in my own right I became more fiercely independent than I ever was before.  Now, I want to strive to let go of procrastination and over analysing every single scenario that is self inflicted.  Easier said than done, but something I feel I need to do so that I am no longer finding myself being stuck inside my own head; observing my heart and my brain fight it out.  I need to let go of unnecessary worries.  I need to learn to breathe and just BE.  I need to find the space and the ability to just do that.  It's a constant battle, but one that I am confident I will conquer.
Here are some close up shots of my work.

Thank you for stopping by and for leaving your comments - I love every single one of them!

3 Aug 2015


Today I am sharing my take on the latest delicious sketch over at Let's Scrap.  It's really such a gorgeous sketch!
I decided to go with a single page LO this time, using the left hand side of the sketch.  Here is what I did with it.
And here are some close up shots of the piece.

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look!!