25 Jul 2015

I love...

Today I'm sharing my take on Color Stories Inspiration Case Number 171 - it's a beaut!
 Here is how I solved the case:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : artisan shape, cork, wood, dots
Testimony : Journal Jar Prompt : 10 greatest joys, journaling on the back
I'm an optimistic person at heart and therefore I almost always choose to see the good in what life has given me, despite the heartache I've been given.  My ten greatest joys...
1. Being a mom to this child of mine.  She is my grounding.  She is my entertainment.  She is my heart.  She is my joy.  She is my little dream come true and I really don't know where I would be right now were it not for her.  What a privilege for me to have been chosen to be her mommy.
2. Love.  It fills my heart in abundance and I have a whole bunch of it to give.  The best feeling in the world is to love and be loved.
3. Family.  I'm very close to my family and we always have each others' backs.  Always protecting each other and always looking out for each other. Family gatherings where we laugh and joke and tease lift me and fills me and completes me.
4. Friends.  I'm so blessed with a very large amount of friends.  I honestly cannot say who is my dearest or closest friend because they all provide a unique role in my life.  Receiving support and love from my friends mostly leaves me quite in awe.
5. My craft.  I can say with all honesty that the minute I sit down at my desk in my craft studio, the world disappears and I am smiling.  My craft is all the therapy I need to release the world for a few hours.
6. Yoga.  My other therapy.  Yoga has helped me in so many ways over more than a decade.  I cannot imagine my life without asana's and sun salutations and meditation.  It brings me back into myself and helps me get in tune with my head, heart and body.
7. Writing / Blogging.  Another source of therapy for me.  I've always loved writing and I am able to express myself properly when I blog or write.
8. Tea.  Oh my.  My day does not start until that very first sip of extra strong tea.
9.  A piping hot bath.  Nothing soothes my body more than immersing it into a piping hot bath.  I lie with my head under the water, close my eyes, listen to my breathing and just release all my tension into that decadent water.
10. Creating a new life.  This is a work in progress.  The fact that I have achieved so much in such a short space of time makes me very proud.  And what makes me prouder still is knowing that I still have a way to go and I know I can do this!!
Here are some close ups of my piece:

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  1. Gorgeous page and beautiful post!!! Love the pink withe neutral and gold colors!!