27 Jun 2015

Life is a Beautiful Adventre

Today I am sharing my LO for the latest CSI Challenge.  It's such a lovely fresh colour palette and some great incentive for journaling - why don't you play along??
Here is what I did with it:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : stripes, grid pattern, cursive font, balloon, pair of something (bows)
Testimony : IW find, happy, thought
Journaling on the back:
My sweet Isabella.  What I would like most for you to learn from this life is that when you encounter hardships, you find, from those hardships, a lesson that will make you grow stronger than you ever imagined possible and make you realise what you are capable of overcoming.
Our thoughts can so easily become our enemy; but if you train your mind to find good in a situation, to find the lesson it has brought and to know that things happen for a reason (sometimes it will take a lifetime to learn what that reason is); you will find true happiness and strength within your SELF.
Never, ever underestimate your capabilities.  We are all built to cope with what happens in our life - this is what helps us grow. 
Please know that you are a mighty child and that you WILL grow to be a great woman, a fierce woman, an independent woman.  I have utmost faith that you will embrace this and live a happy and fulfilled life.
Life is, indeed, a beautiful adventure!  I hope your adventure takes you to places you never imagined possible.
Here are some close ups:

Title has been embossed with clear embossing powder which has fine blue glitter.

Balloon has been embossed with red + glitter embossing powder. 


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