27 Jun 2015

Life is a Beautiful Adventre

Today I am sharing my LO for the latest CSI Challenge.  It's such a lovely fresh colour palette and some great incentive for journaling - why don't you play along??
Here is what I did with it:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : stripes, grid pattern, cursive font, balloon, pair of something (bows)
Testimony : IW find, happy, thought
Journaling on the back:
My sweet Isabella.  What I would like most for you to learn from this life is that when you encounter hardships, you find, from those hardships, a lesson that will make you grow stronger than you ever imagined possible and make you realise what you are capable of overcoming.
Our thoughts can so easily become our enemy; but if you train your mind to find good in a situation, to find the lesson it has brought and to know that things happen for a reason (sometimes it will take a lifetime to learn what that reason is); you will find true happiness and strength within your SELF.
Never, ever underestimate your capabilities.  We are all built to cope with what happens in our life - this is what helps us grow. 
Please know that you are a mighty child and that you WILL grow to be a great woman, a fierce woman, an independent woman.  I have utmost faith that you will embrace this and live a happy and fulfilled life.
Life is, indeed, a beautiful adventure!  I hope your adventure takes you to places you never imagined possible.
Here are some close ups:

Title has been embossed with clear embossing powder which has fine blue glitter.

Balloon has been embossed with red + glitter embossing powder. 


17 Jun 2015


Hi fellow scrappers!
Today I am sharing my take on the latest sketch at Let's Scrap - it's a wonderful sketch (yet again!) - so dig into your stash of goodies and pics and join us, won't you?  You have until month end to enter your work.
Here is my take on the sketch.
This is going to sound ridiculous what with me having literally thousands of images to work with, but I always battle to choose what I want to scrap!!  This time I went with Isabella's love of the outdoors - I love this set of pics.
The journaling on the back reads:
Come Spring and Summer and you are mostly outside.  It's an absolute joy, because it makes you so happy to explore the garden - and it is way better than sitting in front of the TV, which you spend way too much time doing in Winter!
More often than not, you and Picasso are up to no good, but in these shots, you relished in, quite simply, rolling on the lawn and playing around on your new little toy slide.  I just wish that these photographs could have caught your chatter and your giggles!
Here are some close up shots.  Yes ... I think that hand stitching has kind of become my trademark....

14 Jun 2015

Little Me

Today I am sharing my LO challenge number 167 over at CSI.  It's a delicious pastel ice cream palette, so why not head on over and play along with us!
Here is my piece.

Scheme : all there
Evidence : circles, bird, clouds, key
Testimony : prompt from Frida 5 - how cute were you as a baby; journalling on the back
I like to think I was a pretty cute baby; a chuckling little cherub. 
I was a chubby little thing and mom used to call me her little Buddha because I had quite a tummy on me.  I had masses of thick and dark curly locks and enormous chocolate brown eyes. 
I had the most voluptuous, soft and gushy little body.  Roly poly thighs and pudding cheeks, which were often quite rosy.
My personality was friendly and happy for the most part, though mom does like to point out to me that I was much a happier being cuddled by a man than by a woman!
I don't think I'm ever going to live that one down.....

Here are some close ups:


5 Jun 2015

Barbie Time

I do hope you're all doing well!  It's pretty icy cold here now in South Africa!  Trees are bare and it's been raining quite a bit.  I've built a fire every day and it's GLORIOUS! I love love love the cold!!!
Today I'm sharing my take on the latest CSI Challenge which includes another glorious sketch by the beautiful Em Stafrace. Just look at how gorgeous it is - why don't you play along with us!
Here is what I did with the case.
Scheme : all there
Evidence : stripes, pen work, flowers, pockets
Testimony : Topic: favourite childhood activity
My journaling is on the front and more on the back:
Who says boys can't play Barbies?! Either that - or you had your daddy wound so tightly around your finger, he simply could never refuse you.
As a little girl, I was either playing baby dolls or Barbie's.  As an adult, I still have a ridiculous obsession with Barbie's. So much so that I have ended up buying so many for you that your current collection stands at somewhere over 30.  And let's not even mention my latest obsession - Monster High (of which you have about 28).....
These pics of you and daddy were taken on a hot summers' day.  Daddy had made a fire and was busy braai'ing when you asked him to play with you - you needed him to be Ken.  I dearly wish I could remember what story you were playing, but I do recall that Ken was the prince and I made some tongue-in-cheek comment about how lucky Ken was to have so many girls in his life!
Daddy, as always, was a real trouper when it came to catering to his little girls' every whim.  And what a delight it was for me to see - how could I NOT capture it!?
Here are some close up shots.

The stitching just brought it all together.

Thanks for stopping by!