11 Apr 2015

Horse Power

I just need to say that it is always such a thrill to me to be featured on a site - an international one, no less.  This has been such a big dream of mine....
So today I'm sharing my take as Special Investigator on Color Stories International site, for Case No 161.
Here is what I did with the case:

Scheme - all there
Evidence - circles, wet medium, ombre
Testimony - I used the IW "whim"
My sweetest Bluebird, mommy has started you on some Equine Therapy to help you through your grief, that you don't yet understand at such a young age.
This picture is of you riding Mr Saturday - but there is one horse at the stables in particular, that I want to tell you about, in case you forget one day.
While you were busy with Auntie Mel and her horse, Viper, mommy sat chatting with Auntie Wilrie, who is the manager of the stables.  She told me that most of the horses are rescue cases and gave me a bit of a background on most of them.  My heart breaks when humans are so very cruel to any animal.
On a whim, she opened the stable to one beautiful boy called Tokolosh, after telling his sad tale of physical abuse.  The moment she opened the door, this enormous boy cowered into the corner and I teared up. 
She has been really battling to get him to trust her  since October of last year and he has to be kept in his stable because of his fear and because he gets picked on.
She has to stand sideways, with her hand at her side, palm up for him to get close to her - and even then, he doesn't trust enough yet to put his velvety nose in her hand.
And at that point YOU came along.  Walked straight into his stable and he came to you and put his nose in your hand.  That was me done - cue waterworks.
I have to say that Auntie Wilrie is a tough cookie and even she started to cry.  Because NO ONE had been able to bring this out of Tokolosh.  He NEVER approaches anyone.  At one stage, you even walked out of the stable and Tokolosh followed, tentatively popping his head out of the stable, looking for you.
Nobody spoke, Isabella. We were all in such awe of the power that was shown between little you and BIG him.  It was such an incredible moment that mommy still cries each time she thinks of it.
Needless to say, Auntie Mel has said that Auntie Wilrie tells EVERYONE about this little "fairy girl" brought Tokolosh out of his shell for just a few minutes.
Amazing.  Just amazing!
Here are some close ups:


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  1. Lisa-Marie, I am so very sorry to learn you have lost your soul mate at such a very young age! You are blessed to have a sweet daughter and have shared wonderful moments together with her Dad, I hope that loving and caring for her will help you through the tremendous loss you have experienced. I think scrapbooking the memories will be healing for you. I've read the journalling on just two of your layouts on CSI this morning and am feeling very emotional right now. I have just joined CSI and was so excited for the inspiration I am getting from all the talents artists. But this morning when I read the journalling on two of your layouts I was ashamed at the pitiful attempts I have made at journalling. Years from now your daughter will read the stories you have written to her and will cherish them forever.