4 Apr 2015

Horse Play

Hi all,
I'm really late with two posts!!  Isabella has been sick and I've also been focussing time on her, as we've had a long weekend together.
Without further ado, here is my first one - the latest sketch challenge over at Let's Scrap.
And here is what I did with it.
The journaling is behind the bigger picture:
So many people say that horses can heal in a way that we would never understand; that they can read straight into our souls and connect directly to us.
Mommy decided to take you for some equine therapy, because I really want to find ways to help you heal after losing your daddy.
Auntie Mel has a lovely horse called Viper - he's a rescue horse and also has a very hurt soul.  Some very bad humans hurt him and now together, you and he will help each other heal.
You were amazing - you showed absolutely NO fear and he was amazing with you too.  He kept on looking for you and he gave you so much love - and he allowed you to give that love straight back to him.
You were even brave enough to go for a ride - but not on Viper, because he has to learn to trust again.  You went for a ride on Mr Saturday - TWICE!  You were a bit afraid at first because you've only ever ridden on ponies and well, Mr Saturday is HUGE!  But you did so well and I was incredibly proud of you.
This new journey, this new memory that is just ours is going to be so amazing!
Here are some close up shots:

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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