24 Apr 2015


Hello everyone!
Today I am sharing my final piece as Special Investigator over at CSI.  HOWEVER, I'm so very excited, humbled, elated to add that I have been selected to be on their design term for their next term running.  This is huge for me as it really is a dream come true!
Here is case 162 and I simply love the colours - CSI really does draw me out of my comfort zone when it comes to colour choices, etc and that is why I love it so much!!
And here is my take on the case:
Scheme : all there
Evidence : circles, solid background, ink, die cut
Testimony : I have used the IW 'unexpected'.  Journalling on the back
Since you left, signs from you have been rife.  In the beginning, my grief blocked signs directly from you, so you sent them in other ways.
One morning, Isabella was playing around with her little umbrella and it was a low day for me too.
Later that same day, I received THIS photograph from Nicola (who bakes and sells the most gorgeous cookies), saying that she was busy decorating cookies that morning, thought of Isabella and I and wanted to share the two that she had made with us in mind.
It blew me away that one of them had an umbrella in - and the other showed a girl with her heart outside of her.
Could this message, this ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from you have been any clearer???
Here are some close up shots:

I have a stack of die cuts that I fall in love with and just never use.  I'm such a chop - I have a MOUNTAIN of things that just sit.  I also get a little impatient when it comes to removing the paper from the diecut (tips welcome!!).

The title is chippies that I have.  I sprayed yellow and gold mist over it and then used my pen to make it look like stitching around the edges to make it stand out.
The background paper is embossed, and I lightly sanded it in places to make the circles pop.  I also used a circle stencil and black ink on parts of the background.

I put a coating of Glossy Accents on the title.

Thanks for stopping by, commenting and offering up some tips on how to get paper out of die cuts!!! :-)

17 Apr 2015

Like A Boss

I'm so so so behind with my posts!  Been a busy week and our power cuts hasn't helped matters much!!
Today I'm (finally!) sharing my take as DT over at Let's Scrap
Here's what I did with it
My journaling (on the back because I mostly forget to incorporate a way of putting it on the front in my excitement in creating a LO - chop!)
Your favourite treat when you were just a little thing, Donuts.  You would demolish them, like a boss, within minutes.
These pics were taken in our garden after daddy got back from a game of golf and on his way home, he'd stopped off at the shops to buy you a little donut.
I love them.  I love these photographs of the two of you - I just wish I could remember the conversation...  No doubt, daddy was telling you to eat slowly as you gobbled away.
So special that he thought of you all the time and brought you a treat when he'd been away for the morning.
Here are some close up shots:

I usually like to colour co-ordinate my papers to the colours in my photographs, so for the first time in ages, I used yellow as my background.  I love how bright and uplifting the page is.
The title is cork and I brushed some black chalk over it randomly.  As you can see - I did some stitching in places too.  Including on the middle "sweet" which is below the second and third photographs.

I raised some elements to give the piece more dimension.

I used my stitching template tool for these squiggles.  Camera's and elements were fussy cut and the edges were chalked to make them pop out more on the yellow background paper.

I really DO love stitching on a LO!!

Thanks for stopping by!

11 Apr 2015


I'd like to share a piece I made on Friday, which I'm entering into the latest Scrap Affairs magazine; the theme is "Girl Talk".
It was such a relief to scrap something not related to my grief. Creating memory pieces about Travers for Isabella - although therapeutic - has been incredibly hard.
Entries for this competition closes on 15 April - so there is still time to enter, if you have Issue 40 of the mag handy!
Here are some close-ups.

The butterfly is a chippie which I misted with caramel and Albany and then I brushed it with some silver paint.  I also brushed the flowers with Gesso and then with silver paint.  In fact, I brushed over the whole piece, here and there, with silver paint.

I recently saw someone stitch long strips on their LO and I love the effect, so gave it a bash on this piece and I think it brought it all together quite nicely.
All the papers (except the cardstock) are from Maja Design.

The bird cage has been misted with Albany and brushed with silver paint.

Lace brushed with silver.

Title haphazardly inked in pink and then also misted haphazardly with caramel, then randomly brushed with silver paint.

This area is very 3D - the picture doesn't quite capture it!!!

This is the first time I've used the long wispy flowers and I just love them; they have wire so you can bend and twist them - I LOVE them.

Thanks for stopping by!

Horse Power

I just need to say that it is always such a thrill to me to be featured on a site - an international one, no less.  This has been such a big dream of mine....
So today I'm sharing my take as Special Investigator on Color Stories International site, for Case No 161.
Here is what I did with the case:

Scheme - all there
Evidence - circles, wet medium, ombre
Testimony - I used the IW "whim"
My sweetest Bluebird, mommy has started you on some Equine Therapy to help you through your grief, that you don't yet understand at such a young age.
This picture is of you riding Mr Saturday - but there is one horse at the stables in particular, that I want to tell you about, in case you forget one day.
While you were busy with Auntie Mel and her horse, Viper, mommy sat chatting with Auntie Wilrie, who is the manager of the stables.  She told me that most of the horses are rescue cases and gave me a bit of a background on most of them.  My heart breaks when humans are so very cruel to any animal.
On a whim, she opened the stable to one beautiful boy called Tokolosh, after telling his sad tale of physical abuse.  The moment she opened the door, this enormous boy cowered into the corner and I teared up. 
She has been really battling to get him to trust her  since October of last year and he has to be kept in his stable because of his fear and because he gets picked on.
She has to stand sideways, with her hand at her side, palm up for him to get close to her - and even then, he doesn't trust enough yet to put his velvety nose in her hand.
And at that point YOU came along.  Walked straight into his stable and he came to you and put his nose in your hand.  That was me done - cue waterworks.
I have to say that Auntie Wilrie is a tough cookie and even she started to cry.  Because NO ONE had been able to bring this out of Tokolosh.  He NEVER approaches anyone.  At one stage, you even walked out of the stable and Tokolosh followed, tentatively popping his head out of the stable, looking for you.
Nobody spoke, Isabella. We were all in such awe of the power that was shown between little you and BIG him.  It was such an incredible moment that mommy still cries each time she thinks of it.
Needless to say, Auntie Mel has said that Auntie Wilrie tells EVERYONE about this little "fairy girl" brought Tokolosh out of his shell for just a few minutes.
Amazing.  Just amazing!
Here are some close ups:


4 Apr 2015

His Hands

And now for post number two!!!  Sheesh, I'm actually shaking trying to get this done, because Isabella is whining for attention!
Here goes!  The latest challenge at CSI where I am Special Investigator again for the month of April.
I love the sketch by Em - I love having one large photograph as focal point!
Here is my take on the case:
Scheme : all there
Evidence : frame, flower, metal, chevron, rub ons
Testimony : I used a Haiku
His hands that are so big, so strong
Yet so gently enfold, protect, lift, caress
Hands that are gone, but a spirit to take their place
Some close ups.

Have a lovely day.

Horse Play

Hi all,
I'm really late with two posts!!  Isabella has been sick and I've also been focussing time on her, as we've had a long weekend together.
Without further ado, here is my first one - the latest sketch challenge over at Let's Scrap.
And here is what I did with it.
The journaling is behind the bigger picture:
So many people say that horses can heal in a way that we would never understand; that they can read straight into our souls and connect directly to us.
Mommy decided to take you for some equine therapy, because I really want to find ways to help you heal after losing your daddy.
Auntie Mel has a lovely horse called Viper - he's a rescue horse and also has a very hurt soul.  Some very bad humans hurt him and now together, you and he will help each other heal.
You were amazing - you showed absolutely NO fear and he was amazing with you too.  He kept on looking for you and he gave you so much love - and he allowed you to give that love straight back to him.
You were even brave enough to go for a ride - but not on Viper, because he has to learn to trust again.  You went for a ride on Mr Saturday - TWICE!  You were a bit afraid at first because you've only ever ridden on ponies and well, Mr Saturday is HUGE!  But you did so well and I was incredibly proud of you.
This new journey, this new memory that is just ours is going to be so amazing!
Here are some close up shots:

Thanks so much for stopping by!