8 Mar 2015

Where I Find My Peace


Today I'm sharing my take on CSI's case No 156:

Here is my piece:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : text print, leaves, flowers, rub ons, stamps, mixed media background, liquid pears & triangles
Testimony : One Little Word (I chose a few that resonated with me).  My journaling is on the back:

My mind is in constant turmoil.  Thoughts of what could have been, should have been, would have been and might still be, had you not been taken from us so soon.
I seek solace to find myself all over again in many forms now - scrapping, blogging, seeing my Medium once a week - and the practice of Yoga.
In our infertility years, Yoga was my saving grace.  It helped me calm my thoughts and be in touch with ME again.  I found a new me that I never knew existed and it helped me direct my thoughts in a different way.
This time 'round, practicing yoga is helping me in a different way.
When I am in my class, my thoughts are with me, and me alone.  My mind does not wander, it focuses on the here and the now.  Easing myself into some of the postures is so healing and therapeutic for my broken soul.  The class is my safe zone and from the moment I walk in and roll out my mat, I am a new me - even if it's just for an hour.
The only struggle I have is switching my mind off during meditation.  It is then that my mind returns to its busy, tormented, hurt, overworked self.
I am very thankful for this practice - I know that you would want this for me, Travers.  I know that you are happy that I have found the solace in yoga again.

Here are some close-ups.

I brushed some Prima clear crackle over the back, then misted lightly over a stencil.  The darker areas that you see is where I brushed my Gelato's over the dry crackle and then rubbed it in with my finger (I do believe our hands are our best scrapping tools!!).

All the layers are stuck down with foam squares to lift it and create dimension.

The word "peace" has been misted with white and then lightly brushed over with liquid pearls.  You can see behind the word too, I have used clear crackle and then rubbed Gelato's over the top and smudged it with my finger.

This was a rub on I dug out from my VERY old stash!  The triangles are also rub ons.  I felt that the phrase worked perfectly with the theme and the journaling of this piece.

I tried really hard to get a good shot of the clear glaze where the crackles could be seen - but I don't think I got it right!  I stamped here and there with a script stamp and grey ink.

This just shows the layering.

More mixed media.  The leaves you see there have been coloured in using my water colour pencils.

This orange-y flower was also roughly coloured in using my water colour pencils. The little ivory flower has been brushed with liquid pearls.

Thanks for stopping by - and thanks for your comments too!


  1. Lisa-Marie every time I read one of your posts my heart breaks for you all over again. I have no words that don't sound inane and said for the sake of saying something. I cannot even begin to know what you are going through. I am however glad that there are little windows of respite for you, even if for only an hour or even part of an hour. <3 big hugs as always.
    This layout has such a feeling of peace about it and the colours are so soothing. Lovely pic too. <3

  2. A beautiful page, full of grace and poise. Gorgeous layering and MM in the background as well. That your yoga buys you a slice of peace in the midst of your grieving, is a powerful testimony to the power of it's discipline. Bless you for sharing your journey toward healing. I hope your journalling provides a glimpse of the little steps forward you have taken and will continue to take.

  3. A beautiful page my friend. I am so glad that you are finding healing xx

  4. There is so much beautiful work in this page Lisa-Marie, and it has a real sense of tranquility to it. I really hope that sharing your journey will help you to find your way again xOx