6 Mar 2015

SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR : CSI Case No 157 | Remember Life

Hi there,

I'm so very excited to announce that I am on the Special Investigator Team over at CSI for the month of March!!  This is always, ALWAYS such a privilege and an honour for me, to have a piece featured amongst a very talented group of ladies!

Here is case file no 157 and as you can see, there is also a lovely sketch by the gorgeous Em:

Here is what I did with the case:

Scene : Check
Evidence : Grid pattern, scallop pattern, circles, metal, hearts, distressing, pen work
Testimony : I popped over to Saturday Six and the very first post I clicked on is what I worked with - mainly concerning the afterlife.  My journaling is on the back, typed out.

I think that it's relatively safe to say that many - if not all - of us have thought about "what happens when you die".  I've always thought about it, but upon losing Travers, I have found myself wondering about it even more.  He was, after all, my LIFE and I really just want to know where he is, if he's okay, if he watches over us and what the heck he gets up to!!

I have consulted with a Medium to connect to Travers' spirit and I have not been disappointed with the things that she has shared with me via Travers' spirit - things that only he and I would know.  I know many are skeptical about mediums and also see it as "demonic" or "evil" (believe me when I tell you that God is FULLY involved in this journey!) - but this is MY healing process.  Being able to receive messages and validation from Travers in this way has had a  profound effect on how I am "coping" (term used VERY loosely!).

I have also started to read a Sylvia Browne book where she - as a Medium / Psychic - talks about the other side.  It has been enlightening and has lifted my heart and helped me open up even more to the spiritual world than ever before.  I have received so many messages from Travers through various forms - this book, television, dreams - and he sends me a song, without fail, everyday on the radio when I'm driving in my car.

What was interesting was that both my Medium and Ms Browne describe the afterlife as a sort of overlay on our everyday living.  It is not up in the sky (that would have made him too far away and I wasn't too happy with that).  Spirits are RIGHT HERE among us, everyday, all the time.  Watching and guiding and loving.

I know people think of this as a bunch of eye-rolling poppy-cock.  But really, from things that have happened and signs that I have received - what more validation is there that my beloved husband is still with us - just not in his physical form, unfortunately.

So, everyday, I pore over photographs of him so that I can REMEMBER LIFE and REMEMBER MEMORIES.  It is that, which is carrying me most right now.  That and the messages and signs I receive from him.

My Medium told me that his spirit is STRONG (and that he is sometimes cocky and very funny).  There are times I feel it, but there are times when I don't; the times I don't are when my grief is too great and they block me from signs.  Mel (my Medium) told me that he is very desperate to reach out to me.  It's the opening up, breaking down of the concrete wall of grief that I find hardest because I, too, am desperate to have him around more often than I do right now.


Here are some close-ups:

I roughed up the edges of the circles; distressed, bent, squished - all in a bid to give this piece some dimension.  I do love how it turned out.

And stitching.  Yes, of course I did some stitching!!! :-)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. First of all I am so happy to see you as Special Detective and I just want to say I hope you apply to be on the next DT. I am stepping down. I have too much going on at the moment and with my three month trip coming up I just can't do it. I may come back for the following term. You will nail it...
    As for Sylvia Brown I have read all of her books and I love them I believe all this stuff and anyway who cares what anyone else thinks if it helps you to cope. I have always believed in re-incarnation and that fact that we keep coming back to learn lessons and that we chose our life according to what we want to learn before we come here.... I believe that Bella chose you and Trav to be her parents... life is hard and it sucks but I believe that our time here is temporary and when we come back it is will all the people we have met or are connected too and the roles just change... I believe that there are spirits all around us and they come and go as and when and how we need them. I am glad that Mel and Sylvia Browns books affirm what you need. Hang in there and just keep going. <3

  2. Gorgeous page!! Love the colors and what you did with the stitching!!!