27 Mar 2015

His Caring Soul

Today I'm sharing my take on CSI Color Stories International Case 159, where I am privileged to be a Guest Designer for the month of March.
Isn't it just simply sublime?
Here is my take on it:
Scheme : all there
Evidence : some doodling, rub-ons, stamps, scallops
Testimony : I used the IW's
It wasn't long after you left that I decided I was ready to consult with a Medium in order to connect with your spirit on the other side.  I was extremely anxious before my session, but it turned into something so beautiful.
In real life, your soul was amazing.  Everyone said that you were "larger than life".  That was literal and figurative.  You loved with such passion - in everything you applied yourself to - be it work, golf, poker, family, friends.
The best affirmation I received over and over at my session was each time Mel (my Medium) said "Gosh, this man REALLY loves you".  And each time I've had a session since; she says the same thing.  That you show me love, now still - a love that I could never have imagined receiving - is indescribable.  That you are still watching over your two girls with pride, care and love is more than any mother and daughter could wish for.
Your soul must be the brightest shining one in the afterlife, right now, my love.
Your soul is a shining example to so many of us, still here in the living world.
Your soul completes me and I still feel that connection to you, even though you have moved to another dimension.
I love you so much.
Here are some close ups:
The teal coloured paper is from a pad of textured paper I have; I simply sanded around the edges to enhance the embossed frame shape.

The plum coloured paper is from the same batch as the teal, also sanded, but obviously with a different embossing pattern.  You can also see in this image where the darker teal rub-on was applied.  I did them in a few spots all over the page, very haphazardly and very roughly.

I rubbed Tim Holtz ink through a stencil on the background and I also stamped randomly with black ink.   And yes, there is stitching too!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a look.

15 Mar 2015

A Walk in the Park

Today I'm sharing my take on the latest sketch over where I am (still proudly!) on the DT for Let's Scrap:
My double page LO:
I realise that there are loads of "titles", but the main title is A Walk In Park.  I've tucked my journaling into a the 'booklet' I created on the far left "life a full life":
We were due to visit some friends who stayed right next to a lovely green belt below Kirstenbosch (the very same greenbelt where we had your first birthday photoshoot!).  We were quite a few minutes early, so we decided to potter around the forest area with you.   You'd been walking for just a few months, so the concept was new and exciting for you!  The minute you were placed on the ground, you started to toddle off.  Daddy ran after you most of the way, because he didn't want you to trip and fall over the uneven ground and exposed roots.
Being a little bit of a perfectionist and not wanting liking to be dirty, daddy had to constantly pick you up and brush you off.
At the end of the path, you were tired, so your dad carried you back, pointing out all the leaves, acorns, branches, etc.
I will always cherish these moments you had with them.  Each one is so incredibly special in its own way.

I wanted my papers to have a natural look about them, to match the pictures, but also being cautious that the papers didn't "swallow" the photo's.
I fussy cut the leaves in places so that I could tuck the photographs underneath them.  I also did a lot of stitching (surprise, surprise!).

Although the background papers look misted, they are not.  I love this pic of them....

You can see in the far right pic that daddy was getting a little 'impatient', because although you were dusted off, you were still not happy about having anything stuck to you!

My two loves.  :-(
Thanks for stopping by.

13 Mar 2015

Who Am I

Hi all,
For the month of March, I am a Special Investigator over at CSI Color Stories Inspiration.  Here is the latest challenge - the colours are delicious!
And here is my take on it:
Scheme : all there
Evidence : stripes, branch, stitching, misting
Testimony : I popped onto Rainbow Elephant and grabbed "Look Within"
My journaling is on the back.
If ever there came a time where I really needed to do some soul searching, that time is now. 
For nineteen years plus, I grew into the role of partner to Travers. 
Along the way, certainly, my personality changed as we faced and conquered our own set of challenges thrown in the path of our life together as a couple.
These challenges changed me as a person and taught me things about myself which I never knew; gave me strength which I never knew I possessed.
Now I find myself on a brand new quest to look within and find out who I am now, who I will become and how I will go about making changes to find a space where I can be a brand new me.
I kept this piece simple because of the intensity of the journaling I intended for it.
Each circle represents how I feel at any given time.  A question mark because sometimes I just don't know where to go, what to do, what to say. The clock, because I know it's going to take time.  The dandelion puff for wishes to come true.  The birds because sometimes I feel as if I am floating.  The string around the flower - I am the fragile flower, the strength of the string is something keeping me together - be it Isabella or the spirit of my departed husband.  The pointing hand because I don't know in which direction I'm going or where I still need to go.
I intentionally selected a blurred photograph of me - smiling on the outside, screaming, crying and confused on the inside.  This is how I present myself to the world.
Here are some close-ups.

I misted the striped piece of paper with some olive mist and stitched a border around it.

I used my embossing tool around the edges of the circles to lift them.  The 3 staples represent Isabella, Travers' spirit and Me.

Thanks for stopping by.

8 Mar 2015

Where I Find My Peace


Today I'm sharing my take on CSI's case No 156:

Here is my piece:

Scheme : all there
Evidence : text print, leaves, flowers, rub ons, stamps, mixed media background, liquid pears & triangles
Testimony : One Little Word (I chose a few that resonated with me).  My journaling is on the back:

My mind is in constant turmoil.  Thoughts of what could have been, should have been, would have been and might still be, had you not been taken from us so soon.
I seek solace to find myself all over again in many forms now - scrapping, blogging, seeing my Medium once a week - and the practice of Yoga.
In our infertility years, Yoga was my saving grace.  It helped me calm my thoughts and be in touch with ME again.  I found a new me that I never knew existed and it helped me direct my thoughts in a different way.
This time 'round, practicing yoga is helping me in a different way.
When I am in my class, my thoughts are with me, and me alone.  My mind does not wander, it focuses on the here and the now.  Easing myself into some of the postures is so healing and therapeutic for my broken soul.  The class is my safe zone and from the moment I walk in and roll out my mat, I am a new me - even if it's just for an hour.
The only struggle I have is switching my mind off during meditation.  It is then that my mind returns to its busy, tormented, hurt, overworked self.
I am very thankful for this practice - I know that you would want this for me, Travers.  I know that you are happy that I have found the solace in yoga again.

Here are some close-ups.

I brushed some Prima clear crackle over the back, then misted lightly over a stencil.  The darker areas that you see is where I brushed my Gelato's over the dry crackle and then rubbed it in with my finger (I do believe our hands are our best scrapping tools!!).

All the layers are stuck down with foam squares to lift it and create dimension.

The word "peace" has been misted with white and then lightly brushed over with liquid pearls.  You can see behind the word too, I have used clear crackle and then rubbed Gelato's over the top and smudged it with my finger.

This was a rub on I dug out from my VERY old stash!  The triangles are also rub ons.  I felt that the phrase worked perfectly with the theme and the journaling of this piece.

I tried really hard to get a good shot of the clear glaze where the crackles could be seen - but I don't think I got it right!  I stamped here and there with a script stamp and grey ink.

This just shows the layering.

More mixed media.  The leaves you see there have been coloured in using my water colour pencils.

This orange-y flower was also roughly coloured in using my water colour pencils. The little ivory flower has been brushed with liquid pearls.

Thanks for stopping by - and thanks for your comments too!

6 Mar 2015

SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR : CSI Case No 157 | Remember Life

Hi there,

I'm so very excited to announce that I am on the Special Investigator Team over at CSI for the month of March!!  This is always, ALWAYS such a privilege and an honour for me, to have a piece featured amongst a very talented group of ladies!

Here is case file no 157 and as you can see, there is also a lovely sketch by the gorgeous Em:

Here is what I did with the case:

Scene : Check
Evidence : Grid pattern, scallop pattern, circles, metal, hearts, distressing, pen work
Testimony : I popped over to Saturday Six and the very first post I clicked on is what I worked with - mainly concerning the afterlife.  My journaling is on the back, typed out.

I think that it's relatively safe to say that many - if not all - of us have thought about "what happens when you die".  I've always thought about it, but upon losing Travers, I have found myself wondering about it even more.  He was, after all, my LIFE and I really just want to know where he is, if he's okay, if he watches over us and what the heck he gets up to!!

I have consulted with a Medium to connect to Travers' spirit and I have not been disappointed with the things that she has shared with me via Travers' spirit - things that only he and I would know.  I know many are skeptical about mediums and also see it as "demonic" or "evil" (believe me when I tell you that God is FULLY involved in this journey!) - but this is MY healing process.  Being able to receive messages and validation from Travers in this way has had a  profound effect on how I am "coping" (term used VERY loosely!).

I have also started to read a Sylvia Browne book where she - as a Medium / Psychic - talks about the other side.  It has been enlightening and has lifted my heart and helped me open up even more to the spiritual world than ever before.  I have received so many messages from Travers through various forms - this book, television, dreams - and he sends me a song, without fail, everyday on the radio when I'm driving in my car.

What was interesting was that both my Medium and Ms Browne describe the afterlife as a sort of overlay on our everyday living.  It is not up in the sky (that would have made him too far away and I wasn't too happy with that).  Spirits are RIGHT HERE among us, everyday, all the time.  Watching and guiding and loving.

I know people think of this as a bunch of eye-rolling poppy-cock.  But really, from things that have happened and signs that I have received - what more validation is there that my beloved husband is still with us - just not in his physical form, unfortunately.

So, everyday, I pore over photographs of him so that I can REMEMBER LIFE and REMEMBER MEMORIES.  It is that, which is carrying me most right now.  That and the messages and signs I receive from him.

My Medium told me that his spirit is STRONG (and that he is sometimes cocky and very funny).  There are times I feel it, but there are times when I don't; the times I don't are when my grief is too great and they block me from signs.  Mel (my Medium) told me that he is very desperate to reach out to me.  It's the opening up, breaking down of the concrete wall of grief that I find hardest because I, too, am desperate to have him around more often than I do right now.


Here are some close-ups:

I roughed up the edges of the circles; distressed, bent, squished - all in a bid to give this piece some dimension.  I do love how it turned out.

And stitching.  Yes, of course I did some stitching!!! :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

1 Mar 2015

DT Let's Scrap Sketch 3-1-15 | I *heart* us


It's the official DT reveal for Let's Scrap and I REALLY am so privileged and humbled to be on this Design Team with SUCH gorgeous and inspiring (and really funny) ladies!

Here is the latest beautiful sketch over at Let's Scrap:

And here is how I used the sketch.

My journaling for this piece is on the little white sheet on the top left:

This is, essentially, our first family photoshoot.  We went off to Langebaan with Uppie and Ummie and en route home, we stopped off to have breakfast at Geelbek.  These pictures are so special to me - especially now, because it shows how completely hands on your daddy was from the very beginning.  These pictures radiate the happiness that daddy and I finally got to experience being parents - YOUR parents.  We always felt so blessed that we were chosen to be your mommy and daddy; every single day we were so thankful.

Here are some close up shots.

I felt that the glitter title I used didn't stick out enough, so I 'scratched' over it with black pen.  I did alot of fussy cutting for this piece, as you can see - and yes, stitching.  It's safe to say that stitching is slowly becoming a trademark of mine - I simply cannot resist it!

This lovely phrase was actually from that little strip that we usually cut off our papers and chuck in the bin - I always look first in case there is a little something hidden there that I can use!

I did some stitching on the fussy cut flowers too.  The zig-zag stitching along the bottom took me AGES to do, but I do love the effect.

Love of my life ... I miss him so.

Sadness ... more stitching on the fussy cut flowers.   And just look how tiny Isabella was - about 2 months old.  Treasured child.

I also "lifted" the edges of the flowers to give it all a little more dimension.

I added the resin flowers, again for some more dimension.

Thanks so much for coming to take a look at my work.  And also for your comments - I love receiving them!