19 Feb 2015

So Lucky

Today I am sharing my take on Case 155 over at CSI.  It includes a divine sketch by the gorgeous Em!
And here is what I did with it.
Scheme - all there
Evidence - circles, grid design, paint, pen work, metal and rub ons
Evidence - I grabbed a prompt from 600 seconds : "No Regrets" and used IW
The seafoam part of this LO is created as a flap so that I could put my journaling underneath.
Life is too short to have regrets.  We all know that, we all say that often.  But we never know the true meaning until something happens to make us truly realise it.
Many years ago, when both my paternal grandparents died, at the time of each of their individual deaths (years apart), my uncle had just had a huge bust up with each of them.  I cannot begin to imagine with how he lived with that; having not spoken to them for a few days and then having to hear of their passing.
At times of trouble, when you are drowning in your torrential sea of sorrow, it is very hard to believe that every cloud has a silver lining or that there is a pot of gold waiting for you.  It is hard to find some small bit of positivity, hope, solace to cling to, when all you feel is pain.
Even though you are gone - I am lucky in the fact that when you left, everything in our lives, at that time, had been just as it always was - perfect, ideal, wonderful and loving.
The night before you left us (and day upon day before that), our home was filled with love and laughter.  There was no fighting whatsoever.  There were no harsh words.  Just love.  And oddly, when I think back to that day, there was peace and serenity too.
On the morning that you left, you kissed Isabella and I goodbye before leaving for work.  A few hours before you left this World, you sent me a Whatsapp message saying "I love you guys!!!!!!"
Travers, I am happy that I have absolutely none of the regrets that I know so many people carry with them when they have lost a loved one. 
Should I have said I loved you more often - no, because I told you every single day and you knew that, always.  Should I have held you tighter - no, because we always showed affection towards each other.  Should I have been a better wife - no, because I was the best I could be; I just never could believe how much you loved me.
I miss you so much.
And now for some closies.

I felt that the taupe was darker than what was required, so I watered down some white acrylic paint and dry brushed it from the bottom up.  I also added some paint splats with the same watered down paint.

I tied a bow around an infinity sign and I brushed the flowers with some gesso.  I also added spots here and there of microbeads.

These are some of my favourite 'couple' photographs.  Sadly, I don't have enough of them, but what I have, I will cherish.
Thanks for stopping by.
Love 'n light


  1. Yes I think that is something we all say... not enough couple pics. Si always plays the fool if I want to take pics... :P Cherish your memories forever. My heart breaks all over again every time I read a post of yours. I pray that you find some kind of peace. <3 did you see you won a voucher over at CSI?????

  2. Totally true my sweet friend. I wish I could pick up your pages and see them IRL. They are filled with so much love and you totally made this sketch yours xox P.S I am pinching this one to show off on the Nifty Pixel FB page ;)

  3. Gorgeous page and love what you say. I agree with what Val says!!! The design is amazing. Pinning for inspiration!!!

  4. Beautiful work, Lisa.! You are such an inspiration, not just as a scrapbooker but a beautiful person too. Hugs!

  5. A gorgeous design and gorgeous photo's! I know I have that rub on somewhere too.....I must really use it! ;-)