4 Feb 2015

One Memory At A Time

Today I have done a LO for Case 153 over at Color Stories Inspiration.
Here is what I worked on today:
Scheme : all there
Evidence : lace, drip something, circles, liquid pearls
Testimony : I used one of the happiness prompts "tips on how photographs can boost happiness"
I've pasted my journaling on the back:
It's no secret that I love photographs - my limited computer space is evidence of that.
Since you left me, however, I have gone into overdrive with having photographs of you scattered throughout every single room in the house.
Not only because I WANT to be surrounded by you and the happy memories we created both for ourselves and our daughter, but because I want HER to see them and remember those happy times.
You had a batch of professional photographs taken by one of our very good friends for a work profile, and those were given to me a few days after you left.  They are magnificent and I don't know how, but Nicky managed to capture your essence in every single one of them.  I had 6 A3 sized canvases made from the batch - 5 of them hang above our bed and the happiest, smiling one of you hangs in the lounge for everyone to see the moment they walk into our living room area.
I've added more photographs to our ledge, along with wooden wording and also a special candle that I found stating "A true love story never ends".
Our passage is completely adorned with photographs too - and I have four group frames which I have yet to hang - most of them are daddy-daughter photographs.
Every time I look at a photo of you, my darling, I am filled with such love for you and our happy life together all over again.
Having you surround us like this with happy memories is exactly what I want and what I need.  Someone asked me recently "Why do you do this to yourself?"  What a bizarre question!
How can I NOT have photographs of my true love and Isabella's daddy around???  How can I not have the constant reminders surrounding me of our happiest memories?  How can I not have that proof to the WORLD and to our child of how much you have meant in our lives?
So adding to my walls, adding to my scrapbook albums all the memories we've experienced most certainly IS "One Memory At A Time".
And here are some close-ups.  It's overcast here today, hence them being a bit on the dark side...

Above and below - I put a light coating of Gesso over the areas where the two clusters are and below the title to soften the colour of the background page somewhat.  Then I did some stencilling (using paints) and I also created yellow splatters by diluting some Gelato's.  I doodled with pen in two circles below each cluster and then used my liquid pearls to do the same.

And BECAUSE I love stitching, I sewed around some of the circles done through the stencil.

BELOW: these are 5 of the canvases above the bed.  You can't see it properly on the board, but the phrase is "You Complete Me", which is how Travers ended our wedding speech.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my work.  I LOVE receiving your comments!


  1. I agree with every word, you and your dd certainly need to be surrounded by happy memories!!

  2. A beautiful page Lisa-Marie and I love all the special little details and the sewing around some of the circles. The photo's are awesome too! Great that you are filling the house with photo's.....walls and halls...surrounded and abounded with love! xx

  3. Another lovely page...another memory captured. I trust that each of these pages are therapy that makes you whole again xx

  4. I think you should paper your house of photos if that makes you happy :D For sure you want Isabella to remember all the special times and the layouts with the stories will make sure that they are captured forever. I love the layout. Gorgeous design and I love the layers. The background looks awesome too. <3