11 Feb 2015

Let's Scrap DT | Sketch 2-11-15

Sharing my LO for the latest sketch over at Let's Scrap.
This was one of those pieces I worked on, put aside.  Worked on .. put aside ... worked on ... put aside.  It was frustrating me no end - but I managed to pull it together and this is what I created.
This LO is already in an album.  I created a flap with on the right behind the longer piece of buff coloured paper and my journaling is intended for Isabella:
Our Bluebird.  Daddy wanted to see one of his oldest and most long standing clients out in Coffee Bay and decided that we best make a family long weekend of it.
As I stood up at the top of the hotel, looking down at the beach drinking my tea, I watched you and daddy befriend two dogs and potter around, picking up shells and just generally playing silly buggers.
When you guys looked up and saw me with the camera, you waved.
I got such pleasure watching the two of you and I can only IMAGINE what conversation must've gone on between you two.
Luckily too, daddy had his cell phone with him and he took some videos of you guys down there - these I have safely stored away for you to watch one day.
You are very little now and I'm certain that you don't really understand this - but you must just know that your daddy will always, always be with you in spirit.  He will be your guide - and what a LUCKY little girl you are to have the most incredible, considerate and loving Guardian Angel watching over you.
One day, in time, I want you to be able to feel him with you and guiding you.
I'm so very sad that he was taken from you so soon because I was so cherishing that bond that the two of you had - and I was looking forward to seeing it develop more over the years.
I'm sorry that your daddy is gone.  Please just remember - he may be gone physically, but spiritually, he is ALWAYS PRESENT.

I loved how the edges of the LO turned out - Gesso through a mask and then inked with Tim Holtz Straw something-or-other.  (Sorry, I'm not one of those scrappers who remembers names of things - I just go with what I feel).

I felt it apt to use the shells and the anchor and the rope to tie in with the slightly nautical theme of this piece.

Above and below : following on with the nautical theme.  And how divine is this picture I found on Pinterest?

I cannot resist stitching on my work.  I just LOVE how it turns out.  I really do.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Beautiful page...and stunning moments recorded for Isabella in the future...love the texture and the stitching. xx

  2. Another fabulous and touching page!! LOVE the beach theme and those shells!!!

  3. AH such a beautiful layout and beautiful memories to share with Blue... She will always know how much she is loved because you will never let her forget. You will keep him alive for her forever. <3
    Love this layout and the shells..Stunning background and the stitching is just lovely. Beautiful work as always.

  4. Incredible layout Lisa Marie... the love comes thru in every layout you do! Love the pics and all the goodies to look at on your pages as well... Hugs!