25 Feb 2015

DT Layout - Let's Scrap Sketch 2-25-15

Hey there,
Today I am sharing my take on the latest sketch over at Let's Scrap.
It's such fun working with these sketches because you get to use SO many photographs.  We did a family photo shoot on Isabella's first birthday in 2011 and there were so many pictures to choose from - so I took full advantage of using this sketch for this LO!
Here is what I worked on.  It's already in a frame, so I didn't make place on the front for journaling.  I have, however, put journaling on the back, which reads:
We decided to do family photo shoot on your first birthday.  We included grandparents because, like us, they had been waiting very long for your arrival and to see daddy, you and I as a family unit.
It was a slightly chilly day and the shoot was done in an open field, just below Kirstenbosch Gardens. It was gorgeous - everything was so green and there were tiny flowers everywhere you looked.  There was some ancient trees too, which added to the whole earthy, natural feel of this shoot.
My favourite was the chair prop that the photographer brought along.  You weren't sitting very strongly by yourself at that stage yet, so although you look alone in those images, your "helicopter mommy" was standing close by in case you toppled!
The more photographs were taken, the more relaxed we all started to feel.
It was such a happy hour we all spent together.  I was STILL in awe of the fact that you had finally arrived in our lives; we were finally parents.  I think that the photographer did a GREAT job of capturing that look in both mine and your daddy's faces.
Really - this is a day that I will cherish forever.
And here are some close up shots. 

I loved the ombre feel of this arb piece of paper I found, and also that it had the tree on it, which echoed the feel of the photographs.  I distressed the edges quite a bit and then did some gesso through a mask and also a bit of misting.  I decided to add some bling and although I um'ed and ah'ed about it, I'm glad I did because it has definitely lifted the piece.
The title is a wooden word and I gesso'ed it before adding some glitter glue to give extra sparkle.  I added a doily to make the piece even more feminine (without wanting to go too OTT) and the little butterflies are made of metal, so I was able to fold their wings up to give the whole piece a little bit more of a 3D factor.

This sub-title has been adhered with foam squares - again, for 3D factor.  You can see here too, that I lifted the edges of the ombre piece, for more "life" in this piece.

Stitching.  I CANNOT resist!  I added more flowers and another butterfly here to bring what is essentially the central piece (the ombre page) over on to the other side for a bit of balance.

I also added more bling to this side of the LO.

The little butterflies are divine and I'm definitely going back to the craft store to get more!!!

Thanks for stopping by to take a peak!


  1. Wow wow wow! This is so stunning! I love every bit of it. You did an amazing layout with the sketch.

  2. SHIT SHIT SHIT... Now I don't know if the message saved because apparently I wasn't signed in... SO here we go again and if I am repeating myself :0 I am sorry :P
    So I think this layout is just stunning, and the story even more so and something so special for Isabella to read in years to come. I just need you to make your pics bigger on your blog posts. Once your blog post is done before you publish you need to click on the photos and a bar comes up that enables you to change the size of your photos... go to XL... I want to see all the gorgeous detail and the pics... thank you darlin... You are amazing - have I told you that. xx

  3. Stunning double pager Lisa-Marie. I love the little MM bits and the gorgeous colouring! Beautiful photo's too! ;-)