16 Feb 2015

2 Canvases - Just because

Most, if not all, of my artwork I've put on this blog have been for challenges that I have taken part in.  Today, however, I am sharing a pair of canvases I have worked on since Friday (I was very patient in ensuring that everything that needed to be dried and set, dried and set!).
Let me start of by crediting my inspiration behind these two pieces.  In July, I was going through my Bloglovin feed and this beautiful piece was shared by Riikka. I was in awe of it at the time and pored over every single detail.
Then, at some stage it reappeared in my FB feed and it was a time after I'd lost Travers and the piece just spoke to me.  It was what my heart felt like.  And so I wanted to find a way of recreating this piece - but with my own personal touch.
Here is what I did.
I don't have any step by step photographs, but I will add more detail as to what I did with the multitude of close-ups I've added!

First off, I primed my canvases with a thick coating of Gesso.  I see that alot of artists use a palette knife, but I decided to go with a brush, just for some background texture.
The heart is one of those styrofoam ones you in craft shops.  I had to cut it in half length ways, because it's 3D.  I did this by heating up my sharpest kitchen knife on a stove plate.  The squeaking noise was hideous - just a word of warning.  The cut was uneven, but it doesn't matter because you are going to be adding embellishments and "junk", in my case.
Then I covered the hearts in gesso, laid over torn tissue paper and modge podged over the top.  Once that was dry, I used Finnabair's silver crackle medium around the edges and over the top.  I did a VERY thick layer and it actually took practically 3 days to dry - probably because it was stored in a cooler room.
Next up, I prepared my canvas.  I layered on Rhino tape and then misted with light blue, aqua and gold - all from Mister Huey.  I also add black paint splats at this stage.  I adhered these with Gel Medium, and while it was wet, I sprinkled on those tiny beads.  I also laid on some thread randomly.

Then I laid my hearts down onto the canvas and just played around and randomly placed both stuff rom my scrapping stash, and also junk pieces that I'd found around the workshop where my dad works (refurbishing trains).
The "X" embellishments that you see are actually tile spacers I bought at the hardware store.  I love pottering around in these stores finding things I can use for scrapping!!!

Once everything was adhered, I covered all the embellishments and junk with a coat of gesso.

Once the crackle was dry, I sprayed around the edges of the heart (off the canvas, not on) with navy blue mist - I love how it seeped into the cracks.  The beauty of having used Modge Podge over the heart was that I was able to rub off any excess mist that covered the surface of the heart.

Once I'd glued everything down, I misted randomly again with the Mister Huey colours I'd used earlier; adding a shot of olive green here and there.
Then I painted black acrylic paint all around the heart and misted it to create a 'run'.  There were areas where I wasn't happy with the 'runs', so because my canvas was primed, I was at least able to blot it.  I used paper towel to blot instead of a wet wipe because I was scared the wet wipe would remove the underlying colours.
I did the black painting gradually to ensure that I was happy with the final result.


I used gold paint to highlight one or two bits and pieces and then I also watered down the gold paint to add more paint splats.

The sequins were added towards the end.

More gold paint highlights, as seen below.

Don't you just love the crackle and how the black mist seeped into the cracks????

Once I was done - I stepped out of the room.  This was a piece that I came back to look at every now and then and added more mist here and there.  The edges of each canvas has been done with black archival ink.

I love that little knot - it's actually a piece of wire that I had picked up - it really appealed to me.  You can see here too, that in some places I also added UTEE (I'm still so grateful to Patricia Basson for introducing me to this FABULOUS product!!).  This was a white UTEE with gold flecks.

The "titles" as it were, for each piece (placed on the heart) was also UTEE'ed with clear.

The piece is incredibly textured and 3D.

The strips that you see in both pieces are strips of leather.

Oofff.... that CRACKLE!!!

I'm nowhere near the talent that Riikka has, but having said that, I really am incredibly proud of (and in love with!!) these two pieces.
Thanks so much for coming to look at my work!!


  1. Wow this is something I need to try but maybe I should fly down to you to give me a lesson!!! It is really so beautiful!

  2. These are 2 magnificent canvases, you did an amazing job! Well done!

  3. Bloody amazing is all I have to say about that.... <3
    Seriously I can't believe the path that your scrapping/art has taken you on. I am loving your work <3

  4. Ah Lisa - I'm just blown away by your Heart Art. I've been peering over every cm of the canvases and marvelling at the complexity and shading you've achieved. You should be super proud of them....I believe they are your finest work. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. OMG !!!! these are magnificent ... made with love . I cant stop looking , so beautiful x

  6. OMG !!!! these are magnificent ... made with love . I cant stop looking , so beautiful x

  7. Amazing project ! Just fabulous ! Bravo !

  8. Hiya Lisa-Marie,

    I am almost shocked when looking at this creation, the art and the style just pops out of the paper and really is alive in such a different way!

    Absolutely gorgeous and a really cool effect has been created with the Rhino tape, something I have not seen done before.

    Really great work, Keep it up and have a wonderful continued week!

    Best regards,
    Jesper K

  9. Wow, wow, wow! Absolutely stunning and beautifully done! These are just divine! ;-)