28 Jan 2015


So my next post is just CSI Case File 151 and it includes a sketch by the uber gorgeous Em.
Here is what I did with it.
Scheme : Check
Evidence : frame, string, loops, texture paste
Testimony : I used the IW attitude and reluctant
My journaling is behind the pink "pouch"
My Beary,
A little while ago, when life returned to normal after the Festive Season had run its course and school started, I had the opportunity to finally have some time alone.  The responsibility of looking after and entertaining Isabella was not consuming me, as she had been at school.  I just sat myself down on the couch to be still - because I have been SO busy distracting myself from the inevitable - FACING LIFE.
I am reluctant to admit that there is a stubborn, headstrong part of me that is ready to admit “You Got This”.  It’s during the odd occasions when optimism rears its head, that I feel like this.
I’ve put so much in place already and done so much planning for my and Isabella’s future.  Control Freak, much?
I know that facing this mourning period is all about attitude.  EVERYTHING is all about your attitude - how you approach it.  I’m just finding it incredibly hard to have a good attitude.  To find a positive side to the tragedy of having lost my one true love.  My soul mate.  My anchor.
I KNOW what you want from me.  I just know it.  I know you want me to be happy (eventually) and that you don’t want me to wallow (too much).  I know you love Isabella and I; and that it is up to me and me alone to ensure that we can get through this.
It’s just really hard.
That’s all.
And now for some close-ups.

I love stitching. Love, love, love.  The end.

The pink paper is almost like a thin tissue - beautiful.  Chippie has just been inked.

I love this string - totally works with you - no fighting required!

The frame is also a chippie, inked.

I miss him so much.


  1. It is so special, Lisa-Marie! ♥
    Is it an envelope (the pink with hearts)? What is inside?
    You know I think it is not about seeing positive in your loss because it is not. I think it is rather trying to see positive in life despite the negativity and sadness of the loss... I think so...

  2. Ah honey and here come the tears again. I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through. You are so young and you have been through so much already and it is just not fair. I don't deal with emotions (any emotions) very well. My whole thing is to push it down as far down as I can go and pretend that it never happened. I have never met you or Beary but I have shed more tears for you than on any other occassion. Maybe because so much of me relates to so much of you in the parallels that we have and I can't even begin to imagine having to deal with a loss like this. I think you are amazing. Isabella is so lucky to have chosen you as her mom. You will help her to get through this and she will help you too. <3
    A beautiful layout (I love the clean lines and white space) big hugs <3

  3. Beautiful page my friend...love the hand stitching...you are so good with putting your feelings into words...and recording it for you and Isabella. Love you much xx

  4. Gorgeous page - images, design and journalling!! WOW!! Once again, so sorry for your loss!!! Hope this helps with the healing process!! You will definitely have a lot of reflections to look back on!!!

  5. beautiful page love and thoughts for you xxx