20 Nov 2014

My Nature Lover

Hi All!
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!  This will be a somewhat brief post; I've had a relatively minor triple procedure (gynae related - fun) and was discharged yesterday.  As at today, I'm still rather bloaty and very, very uncomfortable - especially in the sitting position.
 First off, I want to announce how very pleased, elated, chuffed, humbled and honoured I am at having been selected to be on Let's Scrap's Design Team.  This is my first EVER stint at being a DT (still can't believe it, actually) and really, just a dream come true!  Thanks so much to the girls for this amazing, amazing opportunity!
I currently have alot on my plate, so for now, I'm going to be mixing my challenges up a bit!
Here is the latest Let's Scrap Sketch:
Which I chose to combine with the CSI's special collaboration case:
Here is my piece:
Scheme : all there
Evidence : leaves, paint, twine, oval shapes, mist
Testimony : on the back, I journaled about nature
You were born under a water sign; yet even though you adore being in the water, you relish in the beauty of nature.  You spend ages pottering around in the garden, examining leaves, flowers, grass, insects.  The smallest of things seems to fascinate you; and I've watched you from afar as you sat down to watch ants work or picked apart a flower or just looked at a tiny flower up close.
By far your most favourite thing is finding a dandelion puff.  The minute you see one, you have to blow it apart and watch each delicate wisp float into the air.  It's quite magical, really.
You're not afraid to get your hands or your clothes dirty in pursuit of your next investigation either - despite being such a girly girl!  It just absolutely amazes me how the simplest things around us, in our garden - something so freely available (and taken for granted!) - can keep you utterly fascinated and totally entranced for such a long time.
You do so well in helping me leave everyday life behind and REMEMBER what it was like to take joy in examining new buds in Spring, crunching fallen leaves in Autumn, searching high and low for that elusive chameleon on a sunny day - and, of course, the simplest pleasure of blowing a dandelion puff!

I love this pic of Isabella!  It's amongst my favourites!!  As you can see - I also used some paper in this LO that has those floaty dandelion seeds printed on it!  I wanted to keep this whole LO as rustic as possible, considering its title and them - nature.  As you can see, I've used a woodgrain paper to echo that too - as well as some hessian flowers and of course the twine.

For the background, I watered down some lemon acrylic paint and did some haphazard brush strokes.  Then I stamped and also misted the background through a leaf stencil.
Off to rest now.  Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow...the combination of the two challenges turned out so pretty. It is so wonderful that little ones gets us back to enjoying the everyday basic things around us. Get well soon xx

  2. Well of course you have to combine challenges :) clever thing. I love the layout I think it turned out great and you nailed them both. I reckon that is why we get a second shot at childhood through our grandies because we forget that the if we just look at the world through the eyes of a child it is still a magical place. Thanks for reminding me once again. Love this. xox