9 Oct 2014

Plain & Simple

Hey there,
Today I'm sharing my take on the latest challenge on the CSI site.
I'm not used to working with such bold colours, but I think I managed okay. Here is what I put together.
Bit overcast here today, so the pic colouring is a bit off...
Scheme : Check
Evidence : plain white background, speech bubbles, numbers, grid (tape), word stickers, ampersand, arrow
Testimony : Right or Left brain, handwritten on the back:
I was quite interested in taking an online questionnaire to ascertain which side of my brain dictated my life. I was even more interested in how accurate AND how inaccurate it was.  Which begs the question - am I even?  I think not...
The title of this LO is a bit tongue in cheek.  There is NOTHING plain and simple about me, except how I look.
The Q had some interesting insights.  But where was it accurate and where was it inaccurate?
Apparently I handle problems and difficult insights with ease; breaking them down, analysing them and then reaching a conclusion so as to make an informed decision.  CORRECT.
My world runs like clockwork.  CORRECT.  Too much so; at times I get QUITE bored with being a creature of habit.
I don't have a messy room.  INCORRECT.  My scrapping room - let's not go there.  Literally and figuratively.....
My kitchen on the other hand - DON'T go there to move things.  I might bop you.
Apparently I'm conscientious and meticulous and well-prepared for everything?  CORRECT!  One of my therapists told me that I cross all my bridges before a situation presents itself.  I do that.  I've crossed bridges that will only be built in 12 years time.  No, really!
So being ruled by emotion or impulses is not in my nature, eh?  INCORRECT.  My husband can vouch for that. 'Nuff said!
A very, very interesting and somewhat insightful exercise for me, this was.  I'd hoped for more accuracy (there's the Virgo in me!), but I guess I am not alone there.  We can't have all of the answers all of the time!
Here are some close-ups. 

I watered down some gelato's here to get the colours I wanted; instead of relying completely on paper.  I did, however, use a small amount of paper and some washi tape too.  I also randomly stamped the numbers on and I also did some embossing with white UTEE.

The ampersand is wood, which I chalked with red.

Thanks for looking.

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