25 Oct 2014

Like Mother Like Daugther

Hey there,
I'm finding it hard to find time and motivation to do more than one scrapping LO per week.  There are so many other challenge sites that I would like to participate in, but I'm just not planning my weeks properly in order to do so! This year seems to have been more than a little crazy with parties I've been helping out with in terms of decor and invitation design; and then also with a lot of little things that Isabella has been doing via school.
And to think that Christmas is already practically around the corner.  I've not achieved what I wanted to when I "retired".  Not even close.  I never set New Years Resolutions - but I WILL be doing so next year.
So.  After that rambling, let me share my take on the latest CSI challenge.
I particularly enjoyed this challenge - the colours are so peaceful; and that image!  LOVE it!  Quite often I procrastinate for days about the journalling - but this time I was sure about what I wanted to do.  Here's my take on it:
Scheme : All there
Evidence : paint, polka dots, pleated rosette, buttons, flower
Testimony : I journalled about my (and Isabella's!) creativity
Even as a small girl, I enjoyed any and all forms of creativity.  I have very vivid memories of taking mom's Women's Value magazine and working hard to create whatever crafty thing there was inside - be it a folded box, a card or some form of decoration.
Oupa saw this more creative side in me and he was the one who nurtured that, being extremely creative himself.  He taught me many, many things and I'm pleased to have inherited all his art supplies.
So, it goes without saying that I am thrilled to the nth degree that you have embraced creativity from an early age too!  I have all your artwork stashed safely away and some are also framed.  You thoroughly enjoy any arty crafty thing that we do together - from something as simple as colouring in, to more 'advanced' crafts, like painting an ornamental bunny.  It has been an absolute joy to see how your drawing skills have developed from squiggles to actual, real-proper stick figures - faces, fingers and all!
You've already started to show a signature form of painting in your creative art - you paint a frame around the page first, before filling the centre with whatever it is you choose to paint.  It's amazing - and I wish I knew where you picked it up!
Your creativity has even extended as far as adorning our walls at home - and your sentimental fool of a mom doesn't have the heart to wash it off!
It is such a blessing to share this with you; a love of art and creativity that belongs to just you and I.
And now for some close-ups.

I completely LOVE the background of The Scene above and wanted to recreate it on a smaller scale.  I watered down some acrylic paint and just applied it with long brush strokes. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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