1 Oct 2014

Goofy Poser

Hey there,
The latest CSI case has been quite a challenge for me (pun intended!).  Not because of the colours - but the testimony!  I procrastinated for DAYS before finally settling on what I was going to journal about!
So here is the case!
And this is how I eventually solved it!!!
Scheme : all there
Evidence : leaves, lots of layers, glossy accents
Testimony : I used the IW 'weird'
Journaling on the back:
 Ordinarily, as soon as my (ever-present) camera is pointed in your direction,  you get a bit grouchy and order me to either put it down (on the grass!!) or put it away! 
This day, however, I was in for a treat!  You started off by doing some 'normal' posing for me the minute I lifted my camera and aimed it at your direction - but you soon tired of that and instead started doing some strange, weird and wonderful things for the camera!
I shot off a whole series of pictures (wish I had enough space on this page for all of them!!) - but these two stood out most for me.  You were so silly!  Not only were you pulling faces and doing silly poses - but you were also singing songs that you made up on the spur of the moment.
I put it down to it having been 1 September - our national Spring Day - AND it was our first lovely day in a long time, so we headed outdoors after school AND you were wearing a new dress! 
All of that adds up to happy, silly, weird, crazy, goofy moods all round!
And now for some close ups.
I love love love corrugated paper!  It lends itself to such delicious textured arty-ness!!  For the green and purple on either side of my LO, I turned some Gelato's into water colour paint and brushed it on; I was going for a bit of an ombre look.  I then stamped a leaf design all over, in deep purple.
The purple strips in the background were crumpled and then I brushed the purple ink over the top to create even more depth and texture.  I thought that the black strips just brought everything together.

Chippie title - very simply inked with black and then I randomly applied embossing ink and sprinkled with black UTEE to give a 'splashed' effect to the title.

The leaves are also chippie - inked in green and then given a 'rustic' Glossy Accents topping.

I love frames on a LO!  This was a chippie which I inked in purple and then cut to fit around the pic of Isabella.  The green doilies and the lace were sprayed with various greens and whites that I have in my stash.  The white doilies were left as is.
Thanks for your visit!!!



  1. This is adorable. Love the colors and the background! Cute pics!!

  2. Such a cute page! Love the photo's and design...and the colouring so fab!