3 Sep 2014

Ice Cream DAZE

Hey there,
Hope everyone is doing well!  Here in Cape Town, it seems as if Spring is finally starting to win the fight against Winter!  I LOVE Winter, but I do miss the lovely clear days that Spring brings.  Watch this space - I'm sure that pretty soon I will be complaining about the extreme heat - which I cannot bear!!  :-)
So here is the latest challenge over at CSI this week - a lovely bright, sunny and cheery scheme, perfect for our weather this week!
I worked on this yesterday
Scheme : Check
Evidence : polka dots, flourishes, triangles, woodgrain
Testimony : I chose one from Friday 4 Fill In, namely "I love a ....."
My journaling is in the flap on the left:
I love an ice cream!
My little ice cream fiend!  If given the choice, you would most certainly choose to eat ice cream above all else, regardless of the weather.  It is easily - hands down - your most favourite thing to eat.
On our recent trip to Tuscany, you relished the fact that it was (a) quite hot and (b) we would “reward” ourselves with a decadent Gelato after each long bout of sight seeing. 
Your go-to flavour  was always chocolate.
Although, we did manage to persuade you on one day to try the Mango, two licks in and the “buyers dissidence” was evident in the disappointment on your face!
And it was pretty evident, that the best part of eating ice cream was getting it all over you face!
What fun!  I think that the copious amounts of Gelato consumed, will be one of the memories that stands out most in your little mind.  It clearly was a highlight for you!!!
And now, time for the close ups! ;-)

I watered down some orange mist and sploshed it on my background and then I randomly stamped with a lightish grey.

The picture below gives a better indication of where my journaling is hidden.

Have a GREAT day!


  1. What an adorable page! Love how all the supplies coordinate!!

  2. Adorable page. So glad you are playing along and were featured with this page on CSI.