11 Sep 2014

Class Captain

I hope you're all well.  I am so very pleased to have had a few hours today to be able to scrap; I've done my back in and was rather reluctant to sit for too long - but all's well that ends well!  Hopefully I haven't un-done the 2 sessions I've had with my chiro!
Lovely palette yet again this week, over at CSI.  I'm so happy to have been able to take part.  This week, I took myself out of my comfort zone by using not one, but TWO fairly busy, patterned papers!  They just worked so well with the scheme that I battled to choose!
Here is Case File 138.
And this is what I came up with today.
Scheme : Check
Evidence : woodgrain, wood, globe/map, envelope, numbers, keys
Testimony : I journaled about Isabella's school years thus far.  It's tucked inside the envelope.
You started school at the age of 18 months.  Many people thought that you were a little too young - but Mommy and Daddy felt that it would be beneficial to you, because you do not (and probably will not) have a sibling.  Having you develop social skills from an early age was very important to us, amongst other things.
We weren't surprised to learn that you absolutely thrived!  You show an intelligence beyond your years - including a vocabulary beyond your years!
When we moved you to your second - and current school - called Little Explorers, you showed us even more, how you continue to grow and learn and thrive.  It brings tears to your Mommy's eyes EVERY TIME I hear positive feedback from you - or when you bring home glorious artwork - or when you recognise letters and numbers - or when you scribble notes at home that very, VERY strongly resemble your own name!
Little Explorers have a magnificent ethos.  Each and every child is given full attention and activities are dished out evenly - everyone has a chance.  You had the opportunity to be Class Captain from 18 - 25 August 2014 and Auntie Nessa, your principal, said that you attended to all your duties promptly and with pride.
Continue to grow this way my angel girl, and you will move mountains!
Here are some close up images of my LO.

Thanks for stopping by.  I really do appreciate and value all your feedback and comments!


  1. Stunning page and lovely heartfelt journaling.

  2. Gorgeous page! Love how you used the case for inspiration. Hope you will stop by and share your Crafty Creation!!