30 Sep 2014

Find JOY in the simple things

Hello from a very, very chilly Cape Town!
SHEESH it's icy today!  Not complaining - LOVE this weather!!
Today I'm sharing my take on Sketch 9-24-14 over at Let's Scrap.  I must say that not only did  I REALLY enjoyed working with this sketch, but I'm enjoying making double page LO's again!!  I haven't made them in ages (discounting the ones that I make on the scrapping weekends I attend).
Here's the sketch:
And this is what I worked on
I spent a day or two going through my ridiculous mounds of photo's until I decided on a sequence of shots that I really loved.  These were a no-brainer!  All my journaling is addressed to Isabella, as she really will be the one inheriting all my albums and LO's!  We always try to create memories for her and I'm hoping this will be one that she will remember.
I have put my journaling under the middle larger sized picture of her - see below.  It talks about our day out to the Castle in Cape Town.  We took a horse drawn carriage ride from there to the gardens, where we spent a bit of time feeding the birds.  She was both enthralled and wary of the CRAZY amount of pigeons about; she decided that chasing them about was way more fun than feeding them!
(An aside, I don't condone cruelty to animals and I assure you that no animals were harmed during this little escapade of hers!)
Here are some additional close up shots of my LO.

The title is a chippie which has very simply been chalked with chocolate brown and then embossed lightly.

I love Hessian!  Here I cut a rectangular piece and then pulled out various strips throughout to create a looser, rugged effect.  I love how it looks!

Here is just a close up of where my journaling has been hidden.
Thanks so much for coming to see my work!

25 Sep 2014

It Must Be Puppy Love

I am battling to find the time to get SO many projects and challenges done lately. This is NOT how I envisaged my "retirement"!  My new years resolution for 2015 will be to NOT bite off more than I can chew!!!!
Anyway, so when I saw the latest challenge at CSI, I simply HAD to take part.  It is wonderful and is certainly up there amongst my all time favourites.
Isn't it divine???  Just every aspect??
I struggled to find a journalling prompt that I was happy with, and that wouldn't be too repetitive of what I've already journaled about - so I took the "journal about an adventure" prompt, not taking it so literally!
Here's my take:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : woodgrain, hearts, branches, wet medium
Testimony : I journaled about an adventure - namely NEW PUPPIES!!  It's typed up and glued to the back of this LO
My Blue - your mommy has been hankering for a new bit of 'baby-ness' for the past 4 or 5 months.  I don't want an ACTUAL baby (and nor do you, apparently!) - so we have settled on puppies instead.  We had our work cut out for us trying to convince Daddy Bear!
Mommy decided that we would adopt little pups through some or other form of animal rescue organisation, so I spent weeks scouring Facebook.  There were plenty of pups that made me melt, but then up popped these two little white pups and I was done.  The names given to them were Belle and  Sophia - two princess names!  A Sign surely!!
They came to us on Thursday 28 August and you were in love within seconds.  I was nervous because I did not know how Picasso would react - but my goodness, how he has surprised mom!  He has been so lovely - and I think that he's really happy to have some younger blood to play with (and some younger girls too - if you catch my drift!!)
We have affectionately called these two muppets our little polar bears, because really, that is just what they look like.
They've already been up to all sorts of mischief!  Within 1 hour of their arrival, Sophia decided that my cell phone charger needed to be nibbled on and so chewed straight through the wire - goodness knows HOW she didn't get shocked!
They love your shoes and it is hysterically funny and utterly endearing to see them running around with your shoe in their tiny mouth!  And you take great joy in laughing at mommy when I try to catch them!
Oh, I had forgotten what an absolute DELIGHT it is to have puppies around!  It's going to be one heck of a journey and a heck of a lot of work - let the Puppy Adventure begin!!!
And here are some close-up shots:
Yes well, the title was a bit of a stuff up initially, but in the end it turned out fine.  I had put on a layer of crackle glaze, but lacked the patience to let it dry.  Needless to say, my heat gun bubbled it up.  It looked horrendous so in an effort to save it, I sprayed some Lindy's chocolate mist and actually, I quite love how it ended up!

This is such a sweet photo - Picasso has amazed me on this new journey.  He is such a lovely boy!
The doilies were treated with Lindy's chocolate mist too.  I also spattered some of it on the background, along with a red mist.  You can't see it too well in my pictures, but I have applied a thin layer of texture paste (white) to the 2 clustered areas of my LO, just to 'soften' the busy-ness of the paper.

I did some stamping on the background, over the texture paste.  Also, I used a Martha Stewart punch to create some branches and also to just break the rigidity of the border / backing.

Another close up shot of the title.
I am SO disappointed as of late with the quality of my photographs!  I just can't seem to get it right!!!!  I have a damn good camera and a jolly good lens - grrrr.......
Thanks for stopping by!

21 Sep 2014

Where Personalities Meet

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!  Here, the only news worth mentioning is that we have expanded our furdren by another two!  On Thursday we adopted the MOST adorable little puppies!  Oh I am besotted!
Needless to say: watch this space for some uber cute LO's!
So today I managed to squeeze in some scrapping time to complete Case 139 over at CSI.  Here it is - along with yet another divine sketch by Em!
And this is how I solved the case!
Scheme : Check
Evidence : Stripes, Flowers, 2 of something, birds on LO
Testimony : I used the words two and perfect; and I journaled on the back
Isabella - you will often hear people say that they were 'meant' for each other.  More often than not, they are usually referring to themselves or others as a couple.  But you and I my precious girl - we were meant to be .. DESTINED to be together.  We are a perfect pair.  The two of us are equally pedantic and particular.  I am sure that we each have some form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Goodness knows why it is referred to as a 'disorder' (unless you are Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets, I suppose!).  I used to think that I was overly pedantic, organised, particular, specific.  That was until you started to reveal this side of you quite strongly in the last 18 months. 
Heaven forbid your food should touch or your blanket is skew (or ruffled) or your shoes aren't side-by-side.  Oh - and those toys you sleep with at night?  Well they simply MUST be in a STRAIGHT line next to you, else you get yourself in quite a huffy tizz!
Mostly I think it's a quirky and sometimes funny trait - and I love that I share this with you; that I "get" you on this level.  Others?  Not so much.  Daddy is a laid back Aquarian, so he doesn't quite understand how organised you and I simply have to be. 
But that's why he is ours - we sort things out for him, don't we?  See - not just you and I are perfect for each other - you, daddy and I are ALL perfect for each other.  Just like a puzzle - we all fit!

11 Sep 2014

Class Captain

I hope you're all well.  I am so very pleased to have had a few hours today to be able to scrap; I've done my back in and was rather reluctant to sit for too long - but all's well that ends well!  Hopefully I haven't un-done the 2 sessions I've had with my chiro!
Lovely palette yet again this week, over at CSI.  I'm so happy to have been able to take part.  This week, I took myself out of my comfort zone by using not one, but TWO fairly busy, patterned papers!  They just worked so well with the scheme that I battled to choose!
Here is Case File 138.
And this is what I came up with today.
Scheme : Check
Evidence : woodgrain, wood, globe/map, envelope, numbers, keys
Testimony : I journaled about Isabella's school years thus far.  It's tucked inside the envelope.
You started school at the age of 18 months.  Many people thought that you were a little too young - but Mommy and Daddy felt that it would be beneficial to you, because you do not (and probably will not) have a sibling.  Having you develop social skills from an early age was very important to us, amongst other things.
We weren't surprised to learn that you absolutely thrived!  You show an intelligence beyond your years - including a vocabulary beyond your years!
When we moved you to your second - and current school - called Little Explorers, you showed us even more, how you continue to grow and learn and thrive.  It brings tears to your Mommy's eyes EVERY TIME I hear positive feedback from you - or when you bring home glorious artwork - or when you recognise letters and numbers - or when you scribble notes at home that very, VERY strongly resemble your own name!
Little Explorers have a magnificent ethos.  Each and every child is given full attention and activities are dished out evenly - everyone has a chance.  You had the opportunity to be Class Captain from 18 - 25 August 2014 and Auntie Nessa, your principal, said that you attended to all your duties promptly and with pride.
Continue to grow this way my angel girl, and you will move mountains!
Here are some close up images of my LO.

Thanks for stopping by.  I really do appreciate and value all your feedback and comments!

3 Sep 2014

Ice Cream DAZE

Hey there,
Hope everyone is doing well!  Here in Cape Town, it seems as if Spring is finally starting to win the fight against Winter!  I LOVE Winter, but I do miss the lovely clear days that Spring brings.  Watch this space - I'm sure that pretty soon I will be complaining about the extreme heat - which I cannot bear!!  :-)
So here is the latest challenge over at CSI this week - a lovely bright, sunny and cheery scheme, perfect for our weather this week!
I worked on this yesterday
Scheme : Check
Evidence : polka dots, flourishes, triangles, woodgrain
Testimony : I chose one from Friday 4 Fill In, namely "I love a ....."
My journaling is in the flap on the left:
I love an ice cream!
My little ice cream fiend!  If given the choice, you would most certainly choose to eat ice cream above all else, regardless of the weather.  It is easily - hands down - your most favourite thing to eat.
On our recent trip to Tuscany, you relished the fact that it was (a) quite hot and (b) we would “reward” ourselves with a decadent Gelato after each long bout of sight seeing. 
Your go-to flavour  was always chocolate.
Although, we did manage to persuade you on one day to try the Mango, two licks in and the “buyers dissidence” was evident in the disappointment on your face!
And it was pretty evident, that the best part of eating ice cream was getting it all over you face!
What fun!  I think that the copious amounts of Gelato consumed, will be one of the memories that stands out most in your little mind.  It clearly was a highlight for you!!!
And now, time for the close ups! ;-)

I watered down some orange mist and sploshed it on my background and then I randomly stamped with a lightish grey.

The picture below gives a better indication of where my journaling is hidden.

Have a GREAT day!