29 Aug 2014

Your Innocence

Hi there!
Really - it is just wonderful to be back in the scrapping saddle again!  I have MISSED my 'therapy' so very much!!!
This weeks' challenge at CSI is, as ever, absolutely beautiful.  The colours really spoke to me and I couldn't WAIT to get started!
I don't know about you, but when it comes to my challenges, I *need* to force myself to think for a few days, before I dive right in.  I always want to make a special page, that Isabella will be able to look at one day, so I need time to think about both the design element and the journaling.
So here is what I rustled up this morning:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : floral pattern, pleating, curl something, butterflies, wet medium
Testimony: Inspo word - drift (typed and pasted on the back)
On our way home from (yet another!) weekend in Langebaan, we came across a beautiful, HUGE field of wild white daisies.  I insisted that we stop, because all I really wanted to do was walk through them, holding your little hand.
As soon as we entered the little field, you asked if you could pick one.  Sure, I said.  No problem.  You were very good in only having picked one!
I took a few steps back to take some photographs of you with your single white daisy - but then I heard you were muttering something under your breath, so I went in a little closer, and what I heard you saying was "He loves me, he loves me not". 
As I watched each petal drift down, my eyes and my nose stung just a little from tears.  He had better love you.  He had better not hurt you.  At the same time, it was utterly sweet how you were reciting something that you still knew nothing about.
Fortunately - your petal picking ended with a loud "HE LOVES ME!!"
Here are some additional, close up photo's.

The blue paper is a strip of tissue paper which I pleated very 'rustically' and adhered to the side of the photograph.  The butterfly is fussy cut, from G45's Botanical range.

I used a stencil + texture paste + pink acrylic paste for the background 'doily' effect.  I wasn't entirely satisfied with the intensity and uniformity of it, so I also striped some white acrylic through the stencil and once it was dry, I misted over it all with white.

I just love this picture of my Bluebird...

A close-up of the background 'doily'.

Fussy cut butterfly - I curled the wings to give it more of a 3D effect.
Have a lovely, lovely day!

26 Aug 2014

Hello Vatican City

Gosh, I've missed my scrapping and the challenges something fierce.  I've been receiving updates and emails and I have developed a serious, chronic case of FOMO!!!
The Scrap 365 challenge at CSI this month is deliciously gentle in its colours.  The theme is also befitting my latest adventure - a 2-week trip to Tuscany.  Naturally, I took full advantage!
Today I worked on TWO scrapping challenges and this is my second one for the day.
Scheme : Check
Evidence : hot-air balloon, doodling, polka dots, string
Testimony : I listed 3 things that made me happy about these shots (typed - I will turn this into a double page LO in due course, and use the journaling on the right hand side)
The three things that make me happy about this series of shots is:
1. I feel very privileged and blessed to have had the opportunity to tick yet another country off my bucket list.  I have had a fascination with the Vatican City for the longest time and I am so, so very happy that I have had the chance to visit it.  It was an incredibly emotional experience for me; a very, very big deal.  I wasn’t able to speak on the taxi ride to the City, as I was so very emotional.
2.  To be able to share this unique, intense moment with the man who I love the most, makes me happiest beyond words.  I have no words to describe how it was to have been able to share my feelings and be at my most raw and have the love of my life at my side.
3.  Each time I look at these images, I will be happy, as it will take me back to the very vivid memories, feelings and emotions I had when I was lucky enough to travel to Italy to visit the Vatican City.
I am a very, very lucky girl; something which I remind myself of regularly. So easily, do we take advantage of the opportunities that come our way; be they everyday or unique or mind-blowing or those dreams-come-true opportunities.
Here are some additional close up shots.

thanks for stopping by!

Timeless Moments to Remember

So so so so so so so very pleased to be back.  Sheesh.... This unplanned / unwanted scrapping sabbatical has been pretty poo.  I've MISSED it so very much!!
A few weeks ago I (re)joined the Let's Scrap site and have decided that I want to add their challenges to the small handful that I take part in.  I used to scrap ONLY double page LO's, but in the last year plus, all I've done are single page LO's. 
THANK YOU to everyone who extended such a warm welcome to me!!
So today I worked on one of their sketch challenges - namely sketch no 9-3-14.
It's a really lovely sketch - I've used it as is.  And here is what I worked on today:
These photographs of my Isabella with her "English" cousin Emma were taken while we were on our holiday in Tuscany recently. 
I decided to tuck my journaling behind the teal coloured column on the right; I have turned it into a flap of sorts.  This is my journaling:
This holiday was the first time you met your “English” cousins - the children of daddy’s brother.  Matthew, Michael and sweet Emma.
You and Emma got on practically instantly and you couldn’t wait to share your books, toys and movies with her.
She was gracious and kind and sweet and very patient with you. 
You brushed each others’ hair, shared hair bands, picked flowers together, chatted, played in the garden and she also showed you how to loom.  She even made a loomed bracelet especially for you.
She kindly let you borrow her necklace with the pearl inside it - which you wore with absolute pride.
You wanted to do everything that Emma did and if she did not sit next to you at our meals, you got very upset!!
It was so lovely to watch the two of you play and explore together.  Incredibly special.
Here are some additional close up images of my LO.
Thanks for taking a look!!!