7 Jun 2014

Do More Of What You Love

Hi there my few readers! :-)
Hope you are all doing well.  Winter is well and truly upon us here in Cape Town - it is GLORIOUSLY nippy and fresh and crisp.  I absolutely love this weather.
I didn't think I'd make this weeks' CSI file - last Friday, Isabella had her tonsils removed and grommets replaced, which resulted in her being at home with me this entire week.  Possibly not necessary, as she showed no symptoms of pain or anything - but it was SO stormy and SO cold and SO wet, I just didn't want to risk sending her outside.
Anyway, here is Case File no 125.  Such a gorgeous selection of serene and tranquil colours!
I was SO pleased to have found two hours yesterday to complete this!  Here is how I solved the case:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : flowers, wood (frames & 'LOVE'), buttons, quatrefoil pattern, resin accents, decorative frames
Testimony : I used a prompt from Daydream on Paper - namely "What is creativity? Can you define it?
My journaling on the back:
I've met so many people who have said that they don't have a creative bone in their body.  But I think that people define creativity as a physical or literal concept only.  Creativity is not limited to creating beautiful things.  Creativity comes from within and can manifest in so many ways; from the way you plan a meal, to taking a photograph, to how you go about planning a business meeting!
Every single person is creative in their own unique way.  Whether they are a talented artist, a master chef, an interior decorator or a ad exec - you are creative.
My own creativity is my therapy.  It is something that feeds my very soul and I know that this is something that I was MEANT to do.  It is my happy place and when I am creating my pieces, I feel such peace.  It is the space where I shut EVERYTHING off; all thoughts, stresses, worries.  It is my room to Just Be.
Creativity deserves to be nurtured, because it can be so very, very therapeutic.
We all possess it - we really, really do; we just need to break the stigma that has dictated it to be literal or artistic.
Here are some close up shots.

I recently saw this quote on FB and it just fit so perfectly with the point I was trying to make with my journaling.  I've always said that what you spend most of your time doing (in most cases, your job) HAS to be something you enjoy, otherwise you are not going to live a fulfilled life.  You spend practically half your life at work, earning a living; how terrible would it be if you didn't enjoy it.  Wouldn't that mean that you are not enjoying more than half your life?  Find something you love so that your soul can be fed.

The teal and green frame are wood and the white wine is a resin frame.

This is my scrapping desk.  It is RARELY neat and I am always cursing under my breath because I can't find things!!  LOL!!  And I pride myself in being a Virgo.....!  *blush*
I hope you enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

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  1. This is so cool Lisa-Marie and so true - I feel the same way when I am in my room..... loved the colours of this case file.