28 Jun 2014

Always Remember True Beauty Lies Within

Yes, I am still around!  So many things are currently on the go and I have been SO busy!  Not only that, my scrapping mojo seems to have gone on a bit of an unexpected, unannounced sabbatical ... only to return to me this morning!
When I first saw CSI's Case File No S365-6, I was in love.  It's safe to say that Coral is speedily heading towards being my New Favourite Colour.  Have a look at what we've to work with:
Crazy Mad Beautiful!
I was prepared within 2 days of its release; but it was only today that I sat myself down in my craft room to get stuck in.  And this is what I put together.
I also managed to find a perfectly sunny, light spot in my home to photograph my LO! :-)
Scheme : Check
Evidence : diamonds, frames, gold, texture paste
Testimony : I found one from the 6 word memoir that I feel pretty strongly about: "Bound in image prescribed by others".  I have addressed a letter to Isabella as my journaling and pasted in on the back of this LO.
"My precious little girl.  It hurts me and tears me apart to know that there are going to be moments in your life where you will encounter hurt, and I will not be there to protect or defend you.  Life can be very ugly, which is a terribly stark reality.  People can be very ugly.  In the media today, beauty has lost its true meaning.  Apparently beauty means perfect features, perfect bodies.  But let me tell you something very, very important that I want you to carry with you always.  Beauty comes from inside your heart and shines out through your eyes and your smile and your actions.  When you meet someone who may not be the prescribed or expected beauty according to what has so clearly become the norm - get to know them to discover their true beauty.  Beauty is kindness, compassion, humour, love, tenderness, consideration, laughter, spirit, soul.
Similarly, if you encounter someone who does not think you are beautiful, merely pity them for they have no deep knowledge of what true beauty is.  Walk away and KNOW deep inside your heart that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  You are exquisite.  You are perfection.  And it's because you are kind, sensitive, VERY caring, loving, affectionate.  Your love shines out you in the brightest beams I have ever seen.  Never, EVER let anyone dull that or tell you otherwise.  It is very important that you know all this.  If you have a good grasp on true beauty - no one can bring you down."
Here are some close up shots.

That feather is the most divine shade of coral I have ever seen.  I picked it up at The World Of Birds recently.  Everytime I see these birds in their cages (forgot their name!), I am completely struck by how vibrant their plumage is. Particularly on this day I picked up this feather; it was grey and gloomy and these birds just popped with colour!
I stacked up chippie frames, after inking them with navy and with coral and white to get a more peach colour.  There is a small section in the background where I used texture paste over a mask.

This title word 'beauty' is a very dark navy and to brighten it up, I brushed some Tombow glue lightly over each letter and then followed it up by lightly brushing some gold glitter.
Thanks for coming to take a look - I love getting your comments!!


  1. Gorgeous page! Love the colors and the product you used!!! The page is put together so well!!!

  2. I love this layout and not because it is a beautiful layout but more because it is so insightful and it shows just what a good mom you are. We always want to protect our kids and the truth is we just can't. BUT we can be there for them and help them to work through the uglies and the harshes. AND they do come through it at the end. I had the same thing with Stormie and it does change them and I love who she has become. Hang in there and knowing that you love her with everything you have will get her through most things I promise. xx

  3. Your relationship with your daughter is so special. I love how you are documenting your journey.