28 May 2014

Your Beautiful Heart

Another stunner this week at CSI.  I *want* this on canvas for Isabella's room!
And this is how I solved it yesterday:
Scheme : Check
Evidence : butterflies, glitter, flowers, watercolour, bokeh
Testimony : I chose a Fairy Tale Prompt : something that happened to change my day
My journaling is handwritten on card, behind the photograph:
It is IMPOSSIBLE to have had bad day with you in our lives!  With your kind, caring and considerate heart, you always manage to brighten our day and lift our spirits.
Recently, I was a little 'down' and you came up to me, tucked my hair behind my hear, put your little hand on my cheek, looked deep into my eyes and said "I lubb you mommy".  Right at that very moment, all my woes melted away and for a brief moment, I was able to see myself and life in general through your eyes.
Isabella my love - your heart is a beautiful one. Kind, generous, sensitive, caring and incredibly considerate.  You are one of a kind, truly.
Some close-ups!

Thanks for stopping by!
(I'm in a mad rush, hence the lack of more notes!!)


  1. Beautiful page...and beautiful words.

  2. Ah I know what you mean.... I feel that same way when the twins open their eyes from sleep, see me and smile... OMG breaks your heart with love.... I love how you solved this one.