14 May 2014

The Butterfly

Do any of you out there have withdrawals and get TOTALLY grumpified if you haven't scrapped in a while!!  Sheesh!!  I have been moody as all heck ... until yesterday :-).
Here is the latest CSI challenge as well as a DEEEvine sketch from EmGem.  I love her work.  I really do.  Always totally unique.
Scheme : Check (you have to look carefully for the celadon green, but it's there! promise!)
Evidence : flowers, metal (eyelets), grid pattern, tag, leaves
Testimony : I downloaded the 501 prompts and decided to go with a Haiku
A beautiful day
The sky is Autumn Blue
A flash of orange - a Butterfly!
Gently it flits
From bloom to bloom
Stopping only for a drink of nectar
So pretty to watch
As it floats on a breeze
Gently taking it to new heights
Such a pleasure to observe
Mother Nature at play
Beautifying our World
So if any of you "know" me by now - you'd know that orange is not my friend.  The two of us, we just don't get along.  However, I really liked the shade of orange in this scheme ... and you know what, it all just works so well.
So this is what I came up with for this challenge.
For my last few LO's I've not been in the "mood" to do too much Mixed Media.  I really actually just want to get to a place where I'm more comfortable in it and not just making a hot mess!  So the only wet medium here is a light spritz of white mist in the bottom right corner. 
I REALLY enjoyed doing this LO.  Here are some close ups.
Mad, mad, MAD about those resin flowers!  They are so pretty!!!  The leaves behind it is a strip of ribbon (which I'd previously won via CSI!).  It is in this image where you can see the celadon green leaf design on the white paper.
I wanted the titling to pop out, so I drew on it randomly with a gold gel pen.
These tiny pegs do my head in!  Cuteness!  These I sprayed with Dazzles.  You can't see it in the image, but they are wonderfully sparkly.
Thanks so much for stopping by - and for leaving comments.  I'm terrible at that; I read ALL your blogs in my Bloglovin feed, but I rarely comment.  SUCH bad manners!!


  1. This is just perfect. I love your take on Em's sketch. I am having serious withdrawal symptoms. Haven't scrapped in two weeks. Maybe today...or this weekend. I still have all my June DT work to do for Create.

  2. You nailed this case file, girl! Absolutely stunning! PS. I nominated you for the Liebster award. No pressure to participate, but I thought your layouts deserved some more exposure! xoxo http://scrapyourmamanevertaughtyou.blogspot.com/2014/05/this-is-so-unexpectedi-didnt-even.html

  3. WOW - I absolutely love this layout. I loved it when I first saw it on FB featured by Em... YOU nailed this case and I love your Haiku too ... aren't you the dark horse. Fabulous.....