9 May 2014

Silly Little CopyCat

Another GREAT challenge over at CSI this week! 
And this is what I rustled up to solve the case today.
Scheme : Check
Evidence : window accents and jute
Testimony : I used the word voyage and scribbled on the back
I am utterly fascinated with the blank canvas that is a little person, in their voyage to self-discovery. I have OFTEN wondered what type of 'personalities' children would have were they to have grown up in a different household, with different ideals or even in a different culture.
Again - this whole nature vs. nurture thing jumps out at me.
I find it amazing how easily they (unwittingly?) develop certain personality traits from their parents - be it the manner in which they speak or how they stand or how they gesticulate or just in their general mannerisms.
My Isabella, you are now fully entrenched in the stage where you are a total copycat.  Everything mommy does, you want to do to.  Makeup, glasses, LIPGLOSS (we are both official addicts!), dresses, pretty shoes.  It's wonderful.  It's fascinating.  It's wholly precious.
And in this image - YES, you are wearing my sunglasses; and YES, they are upside down - but heaven help us if we mention that fact to you, because they are absolutely NOT upside down!  They are right way up!
You have SO much more exploring to do - literally and figuratively. I will be there with you every step of the way.
Some closies:
Thanks for popping in to take a look.  Have a glorious day!

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  1. lol this is just too cute and I have wondered the same thing. Especially after I read a book (and I can't remember the title) about twins separated at birth and living in different homes... what they picked up verses what was genetic. SO much about humans that we will never figure out I reckon. Love this one lady. The black background is stunning. Love the little bit of misting.