24 May 2014

Everyday Moments

Hey there,
I honestly didn't think I'd get the latest Case at CSI solved, what with Isabella being sick for more than a week (*sob*); and it was beginning to upset me because it is utterly lovely and I was starting to get that old FOMO feeling.
I mean, it's lovely right???
BUT daddy to the rescue - I tucked myself away in my Craft Room this morning for a few hours and this is what I came up with. 

Scheme : Check
Evidence : flowers, mixed media background, jewels, stamps, weave something
Testimony : I procrastinated for a.g.e.s. on which prompt to use from the Angelfire site, so I eventually just kinda combined a few surrounding memories and a perfect day.
My journaling is typed on the back:
My own childhood memories consist of endless hours playing Barbie or baby dolls; snakes & ladders and Monopoly; riding my bike from dawn 'til dusk; playing house.  I look at children today and I wonder what childhood memories they will have, considering how big a part technology plays.  Will they remember sitting around fiddling with some sort of device? 
It is for this reason that your daddy and I want to make as many fond childhood memories for you - REAL ones, that involve your imagination!
We take you to many places where you can learn about animals or the World around you; where you can GROW.  When we are holed up at home on cold wintry days, we build forts and tents inside with numerous blankets and towels; or we sit in your playroom, playing dolly house or building a puzzle.
When we are out and about, we allow you to be free to be a CHILD so that you can build your very own childhood memories.  Ones that you will look back on with fondness and recall "Remember when.....?"  We want to create stories and moments for you to regale to your very own children one day.  We want to start something which we hope you will follow through with your own precious children: Building Memories from Everyday Moments.
From the moment I saw the image in this challenge, I knew what I wanted the design of my LO to be.  Needless to say, when I got down to it, I ended up elaborating somewhat on my design and had to tweak back a bit.
Here are some close up images.

The background was first misted, then I lay strips of washi, then I used a mask and Gesso'd a design and then I misted some more and then I also used some of my Gelato's to create the water colour blotches.

Thanks for coming to take a look!


  1. You really created a beautiful page today. Love the story behind your photo. I hopemyour little Bluebird gets well soon. I gave this case file a miss and moved straight onto todayss revealed file. It is such a yummy one too.

  2. WOW! What a gorgeous layout!!! HOpe your little one feels better soon! I know what that is like and it is not fun for us mommies!!!

  3. WOW! Lisa-Marie this is gorgeous. That background is beautiful. Hope Bluebird is well on the way to recovery now it is not nice when they are sick. You are rocking these case files.